Effective communication is the basis of human existence, though one should know the proper ways of indulging in it. Read on to know how to communicate with people.

How To Communicate With People

Communication is the essence of living. No person can live in isolation and needs to communicate with the people around him. Not only does it relieve us of an isolated life, communication also helps to widen our horizons of thinking. A person always indulges in some kind of conversation, whether it's with a single person, a group of people or even mass communication. However, communication becomes useful only when it is effective in nature. For many people, starting a conversation is a big task. In case you are one of those. Make use of the information on ways of effective communication, provided in the lines below.
How to Communicate with People
  • Confidence is very important for effective communication. People who have confidence in them can socialize in a much better way than people those who lack confidence.
  • Eye contact is also very necessary for communication. It not only lends credibility to what you say, but also makes other people feel that you are interested in what they are saying.
  • The next important thing is to show interest in communication. If you go on blabbering about yourself, no one would bother and the communication levels would dip. Being an attentive listener is the key to communicate with people. If you show keen interest in listening to the person you are communicating with, he would also listen to you when you speak.
  • Open-ended questions act as an ice breaker and make interaction possible. Ask questions that require a person to elaborate. This depends a lot on how you phrase what you want to ask.
  • Speak on topics of lighter weightage, as they would give you a scope to widen communication. Make sure you do not ask questions that require a straight yes/no as well, as they discourage communication.
  • It is always advisable to listen twice as much as you say. Focus yourself on the topic of conversation and give undivided attention to it. Speak in between, to show your interest and add to the conversation, if you know the issue discussed well.
  • For communication to take place, knowledge is very essential. You must have ample knowledge and information, in general, to indulge in intelligent communication. People who keep track of current affairs and indulge in a lot of reading and traveling are a delight to talk to.
  • Self worth is also an essential factor of communication. Most of us are scared of rejection and thus, do not initiate communication. After rejection, we do feel not worthy of ourselves. No not let yourself be bogged by rejection, rather take it as a challenge that you have to overcome. 
  • Start with small conversations, at places of social interest. A good place to practice these new people skills is the office or in the store. After it becomes easier for you to speak with peers, try talking to people in higher positions of power, such as managers.

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