Women strive to see through the ambiguity of the male body language. However, after reading this article, they will be delighted to learn that’s it’s barely a challenge.

Male Body Language

While men can’t shake off the thought that women are unquestionably the most complicated creatures of the universe, they ironically cannot stop thinking of them! However, irrespective of how erratic and complex they appear to be, they’re still open books in comparison to the males. Men are mysterious and women break their heads on every attempt to read their minds. Many times, men themselves are unaware of their true feelings. In fact, even if you had access to a mind-reading machine, don’t be surprised if all you confront is a series of football game predictions and cravings for beer. A man’s mind says one thing, his heart another! Their words conflict with their emotions and deeply rooted desires. Always trust the eyes and ignore the tongue. If you are really inquisitive to know the intentions of a man sending ambiguous vibes, a little snooping around wouldn’t hurt. It is not rocket science to determine whether a guy is flirting with you or whether he is deeply upset with you. Scroll down to encounter a few pointers aimed at helping you read the male body language. 
How To Read Male Body Language 
  • As mentioned before, his eyes speak the truth while the tongue is likelier to spew a handful of lies. If you want to read his mind, unravel his hidden secrets, you might unlock the answer by constantly gazing into his eyes. After all, eyes are the windows to the soul! Make direct eye contact, he might either look away instantly out of immense coyness or rivet his gaze on you for a considerable amount of time. He might react by winking seductively which is a dead giveaway of his burning desire to have you in his arms. Notice that he might be staring at you from the corner of his eye or observe the quick eye-angle changes. Similarly, enlarged pupils strongly indicate a high level of physical attraction and interest.
  • How do you interpret signs such as poor eye contact, frequent stuttering, fumbling with words and random objects, mispronunciation, weird body movements? You remember him before and this behavior is a new development. Well, depending on the context, these gestures could mean absolutely different things. He might be hiding something from you; hence the prominent anxiety or he might have a giant sized crush on you? On the other hand, his insecurities and low self esteem might also materialize in these ways. These are indeed negative signals most of the time, which clearly implies that the guy feels uncomfortable around you and would rather avoid you.
  • Pay attention to the positive body language signals. This could be intentionally accidental, if not direct touching, extended eye contact or even a cute wide smile! The moment a man has his eye on somebody, he immediately becomes more self conscious and hence, perturbed about his overall appearance. Does he adjust his tie the moment you walk through the door? Maybe he wants to look prim and proper in order to win your admiration. He obviously wants to know you better and is hence vying for your attention by looking more attractive.
  • Here’s another subtle hint. Whenever you notice a man standing with his chest sticking out and hands at the side, just like the cartoon character Johnny Bravo, it’s a sign! He wants to portray himself to be this super-confident macho man who is on the hunt for a stunning bombshell of a lady! It may not necessarily appeal to a woman but every man suffers from the delusion that girls fancy the Alpha Male Casanovas with bulging biceps and the sexy swagger. On the other hand, if you come across a guy who folds his arms across his chest and looks downwards signifies the perfect opposite. A guy sporting a closed stance is most definitely not ready for romance.
  • Try and concentrate on the direction in which the man’s body is pointing towards. To what are his feet pointing? What about his face and legs and so on? It is a common scientific belief and fact that a man who is enamored by a woman, he tends to subconsciously point himself in her direction. Conversely, you can easily gather that he’s not the least bit interested if his legs and feet are pointing in the opposite direction, far away from you. He most probably wishes to keep a good distance!
  • Now you might hate jumping to conclusions. But did that cute guy at the grocery store really make a move on you? Or was it simply a figment of your imagination? Think! You do have a sense of intuition. It’s just the brimming excitement that has compromised your rationalizing abilities. Did he stare at your legs? Did he wink? Did he make a wisecrack? Did he flex his muscles or try to look taller? Did he step out of the store with an unusually broad grin on his face? If it’s a straight yes to all these questions, then you have a new admirer!
  • Is he a completely different person when he’s with you than what he is with his friends and family? Introspect. Speculate. Look back at the instances where he definitely wasn’t being himself. Is he less goofy when he is with you? Did he open the car window for you to exit, when he refused to do so for his own grandmother? Perhaps, the only logical deduction is that he likes you and is willing to walk the extra mile to win your heart!
  • There’s nothing more tormenting than beating around the bush. Girls love to play that game more than the men. However, when the men give it a shot, they’re pretty good at it! They leave the woman hanging by a fragile thread! Note that the man wouldn’t take the effort to beat around the bush, if he wasn’t interested (unless, he made a bet to ride you in circles). Actions speak louder than words, indeed!
Now reading a man’s body language isn’t as hard as you thought it would be. Check for consistency of signals and let his body language reveal all sorts of interesting, if not flattering details! 

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