Not just too tiny in size, some nations have a population less than the population of even a remote Russian village. Discover the world’s smallest countries by population, in this piece.

Smallest Countries By Population

Did you know if you combine the population of the world’s top 10 least populated countries together, you’ll still not be able to equal the number of people living in Rhode Island, the smallest state in the United States of America? With a population of just over one million, the total of these minuscule populated countries still falls way behind this Ocean State. And if you had thought some popular countries, such as Maldives, Mauritius, Bahamas, or Solomon islands to top the list, you are highly mistaken. These countries, no doubt small, find a place only when you talk about top 30 least populous nations. Do not be surprised when you look at the top 20 list given below, as you are sure to find some new faces, since most of them are practically newly-formed states and very small to even locate on the world map. Due to their size and popularity, they are less populated. To explore these names, check out the list of world’s twenty smallest countries by population in the following lines.
Least Populated Countries In The World
Vatican City
Needless to say, Vatican City, or Holy See, is the world’s smallest country in terms of population with just about 800 (829 to be precise), of which most are not even permanent residents. Covering an area of just 0.44 sq km (0.17 sq mi), stretching over a golf course size, Vatican City is the world’s smallest country by area as well. Officially known as Stato della Città del Vaticano translated as ‘State of the City of the Vatican’, this state lies in the walled enclave of the Italian capital, Rome. It serves as the residence of the Pope, the head of the Catholic Church and bishops.
A set of 4 reef islands and 5 true atolls in Polynesia, Tuvalu is the world’s second smallest country with an estimated population of 10,472. This island nation is situated in the Pacific Ocean midway between Hawaii and Australia. With land coverage of 26 sq km (10.04 sq mi), Tuvalu is the world’s fourth smallest country by area.
With an estimated population of 14,264, Nauru is the third least populated country in the world. This island nation is located in Micronesia in the South Pacific Ocean. It is also the world’s third smallest country by area and the world’s smallest island nation, covering a minuscule total size of 21 sq km (8.1 sq mi).
A group of islands in the North Pacific Ocean, Palau is the world’s fourth least populated country with an estimated 20,879 population. Officially known as the Republic of Palau, it is the world’s youngest and smallest sovereign state situated 500 miles east of Philippines and 2,000 miles south of Tokyo. Palau covers a land area of 459 sq km (177.22 sq mi).
Situated in South Western Europe on the northern central coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Monaco is the fifth least populated nation in the world. With an estimated population of 30,586 and land area 2 sq km (0.77 sq mi), Monaco is officially known as Principality of Monaco and is surrounded by France on three sides. It is renowned for its alternate name Monte Carlo and as a tax haven where wealthy foreigners make up most of the population, around 84%. It is the second smallest country by size in the world, after Vatican City.
San Marino
Situated in the Apennine Mountains and surrounded by Italy on all sides, San Marino is the sixth smallest country by population with an estimate of 31,477. With a total area of 61 sq km (23.55 sq mi), San Marino is the oldest recorded sovereign state and constitutional republic in the world dating back to the 17th century.
Other Least Populated Countries of the World
  • Liechtenstein - 35,002
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis - 49,057
  • Marshall Islands - 65,857
  • Dominica - 72,813
  • Andorra - 84,525
  • Antigua and Barbuda - 86,754
  • Seychelles - 88,340
  • Kiribati - 99,482
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - 104,217
  • Federated States of Micronesia - 107,154
  • Grenada - 107,818
  • Tonga - 122,580
  • Saint Lucia - 160,922
  • Samoa - 192,001
With this, the Vatican City tops the list of the smallest countries in the world by population. Aren't you surprised that your small town or village has more people living in there than the whole of Vatican City?

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