Angel Falls are situated above 3230 feet from the base of the remote Venezuela jungle. Sounds interesting! Scroll further to know more amazing and interesting facts about Angel Falls.

Facts About Angel Falls

Do you feel the cold spray of mist across your face in a remote Venezuela jungle? Then you are barely a mile away from the Angel falls. Angel Falls, or Kerepakupai merú which means ‘waterfall of the deepest place’, is located in southeastern Venezuela. The base of this fall flows into the Kerep River and drains into Churun River. With a height of 979m (3,212ft) and size of the drop being 807m, it falls over the edge of Auyantepui Mountain into Devil’s canyon. These falls are situated inside the Canaima National Park in Venezuela, in the Gran Sabana region of Bolivar State. Their breathtaking beauty, landscape and stunning scenery attracts visitors, from across the world, to Venezuela. These falls lie in an isolated jungle surrounded by mountains, among thousands of trees. Angel Falls are more than 1,000 feet taller than Waihilau Falls, the second largest waterfall of the world. Scroll further to know more interesting facts about Angel Falls.
Amazing And Interesting Facts About Angel Falls
  • Angel Falls, the highest waterfall of the world, are situated in the southeastern part of Venezuela. The base of the falls feeds into the Kerep River, which flows into the Churun River.
  • Located in the Canaima National Park, the biggest national park in Venezuela, it is the third biggest of the world and is known for its breathtaking beauty. The water of Angel Falls has a silver sheen that gives it a shimmering appearance.
  • Angel Falls were named after an American bush pilot, Jimmy Angel. In 1937, his plane crashed at a spot near the top of the falls, Auyantepui, which led to the discovery of the great waterfalls. He was in search of a legendary Gold ore. After the plane crashed, Angel, along with his wife, had to walk out from the jungle; an endeavour which took them 12 days. Fortunately, all the passengers escaped uninjured. Angel Falls was discovered only in the 20th century unlike the other natural wonders of the world.
  • However, the credit of finding the Angel falls was given to the pilot Jimmy Angel, as his story got far too famous, it is believed that Ernesto de Santa Cruz was the first one to discover this natural wonder in 1910; other explorers viz., Sir Walter Raleigh and Ernesto Sanchez La Cruz, a Venezuelan explorer, were among the two indigenous people to visit Angel Falls before Jimmy Angel.
  • One may hike up to the falls on foot, take a tour on boat or have a look at everything in a helicopter.
  • Angel falls are neither fed by a drainage source like snow, melting glaciers, lakes nor by any river system. The water comes from the rainfall received from equatorial tropical clouds. These rains condense above the plateau of the Auyantepui onto the cloud forest.  
  • Angel Falls are also called ‘Salto Ángel’. The entire area is beautiful and unique and also quite different from the other natural wonders of the world like Iguazú Falls.
  • Angel Falls are about fifteen times higher than Niagara Falls with their longest and the continuous drop being over 800m. The height of the water drop is 979 meters from the top of Auyantepui.
  • Angel Falls are also known by local names such as ‘Big River’ and ‘Tulume Bena’.
  • Another interesting fact is that during the rainy season, Angel Falls separate into two water falls.
  • During the summer season, water from these falls evaporates before reaching the ground and appears as a faded thin stream of silver. In the rainy season, of course, Angel Falls are full-fledged and voluminous.
  • This waterfall rises up to 3230 feet above the Venezuelan jungle making it the tallest waterfall of the world.   

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