Who hasn’t heard about the amazing waterfalls, the Niagara Falls? Well, explore this article to know the most interesting and fun facts about Niagara Falls.

Most Interesting Facts About Niagara Falls

 Niagara Falls - the massive waterfalls - standing on the Niagara River, are world-famous for their enchanting beauty and largeness. The name Niagara has been originated from an Iroquois word ‘Onguiaahra’, which means ‘thunder of waters’. Located on the international border, the Niagara Falls separates the Canadian province of Ontario and the American state of New York. The falls are an enormously popular tourist destination, known both for their beauty and as a valuable source of hydroelectric power in the area surrounding the falls. Due to its stunning view, Niagara Falls is one of the most well-known and famous waterfalls across the world. The Niagara Falls is indeed one of the most special gifts that God has bestowed upon mankind and its sheer magnificent beauty leaves all its viewers breathless. Find some more interesting and fun facts about the Niagara Falls in the lines below.
Fun & Amazing Facts About Niagara Falls
  • Niagara Falls is located 17 miles (27 km) northwest of Buffalo, New York and 75 miles (120 km) southeast of Toronto, Ontario. The falls cover a total land area of 212 sq. km. (81.9 sq. mi.).
  • Niagara Falls is composed of three falls - American (Rainbow), Luna (Bridal Veil) and Horseshoe. The Horseshoe Falls located on the Canadian side, are separated by the American Falls on the US side, by Goat Island. The Bridal Veil Falls are comparatively smaller, located on the US side, and are separated from the main falls by the Luna Island.
  • The Horseshoe Falls are 167 feet high and 2600 feet wide. 600,000 US gallons flow over the falls every second.
  • The American Falls are 70 feet high and 1060 feet wide. 150,000 gallons of water per second fall over the falls.
  • While 10% of the water flows over the American and Luna Falls, 90% water flows over the Horseshoe Falls.
  • The boat cruise, called Maid of the Mist boat cruise, is one of the oldest and best known tourist attractions at the Niagara Falls that carries passengers into the whirlpools beneath the falls. The boat cruise has been named after an ancient Ongiara Indian mythical character.
  • Other famous attractions at the Niagara Falls include the Skylon Tower, Casino Niagara, Marineland, Aviary, the Niagara Scenic trolley, the Flight of Angels helium balloon ride and helicopter rides.
  • The historic Fort Erie or Fort George, ‘Whitewater Jet Boat’ cruise and Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens are some other well-known places to visit outside the city of Niagara Falls.
  • The Niagara Falls generates more than 4 million kilowatts of electricity that is used by the United States and Canada collectively.
  • 4 out of 5 Great Lakes, namely, Superior, Michigan, Huron and Erie, drain into the Niagara River, before emptying into Lake Ontario. These four Great Lakes make up to almost one-fifth of the world’s fresh water supply.
  • The Niagara River is actually a strait that connects two large bodies of water, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.
  • The total number of tourists that visit the Niagara Falls every year is approximately 20 to 30 million.
  • 140 acres out of the 400 acres that make up the Niagara Falls State Park are underwater.
  • Niagara Falls are claimed to be the widest waterfalls having the greatest flow of water.

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