All women long for men who are gallant and have definitive principles. These are only two of traits of gentlemen. Read on to discover a few more characteristics of a gentleman.

Characteristics Of A Gentleman

The word ‘gentleman’ has been coined in such a manner that it has become extremely difficult to define or even understand it properly. In today’s world, this word is used on a casual or on an everyday basis, without people understanding the depth in its meaning. All audiences are addressed as ‘ladies and gentlemen’, when it is a known fact that all women are definitely ‘ladies’ but not all men are gentlemen. It takes certain characteristics and a discerning eye to differentiate between an ordinary man and a nobleman. Only when we learn and comprehend the qualities of a gentleman, can we realize how imprecisely we use the word casually. There are definite principles that govern the qualities that a man must possess order to be labeled as a 'gentleman’. Once upon a time, a gentleman was a nobleman who led the ladies, walked with tailcoats and dropped hats in respect for women or dignitaries. The question here is what defines a gentleman in modern times? Read on to gauge the characteristics of a modern-day gentleman, and how easy it is to transform into one with a few of these important features.
Yes. Women love a bit off wooing, wheedling, pricey dinners, the opening of doors and definitely expect the typical ‘ladies-first’ attitude from men. These are those few traits and characteristics that have remained unchanged from the yesteryears. A gentleman, on the basis of chivalry, is one who is devoted to making another individual, in this case, a wife, a girlfriend, a daughter or a sister, feel loved, beautiful, respected and secure. Chivalry has always been synonymous with being a gentleman, and women tend to appreciate and notice this trait as a primary differentiation between an ordinary man and a nobleman. Gentlemen, in this aspect, are those who travel that extra mile to make their ladies feel like the ‘queens’ providing them with their matchless love, support and care. Loyalty and valor also make for an important part of chivalry. It takes a lot of work to be chivalrous, and this is one of the prime reasons as to why women prefer gentlemen over others.
Gentlemen are associated with honourable values and rigid principles. Along with charm, values are also synonymous to gentlemen. Being a gentleman is not important only when you are in the company of a gorgeous lady, it should be a personal development as a whole in general. Being articulate, and not profane, about worldly or personal issues is another important aspect. Along with chivalry, behaviour and values are important elements that women yearn for.
If you remember ‘My fair lady’ or any of the other classics, gentlemen always have polished etiquettes when at home and in public. From not clinking cutlery to not picking noses, etiquettes are an important part of being a gentleman. So, if you are trying to impress a girl on your first date, then you might want to try and lower the tone of your voice, wear a pleasant smile and be sophisticated in your approach towards her. And that must not be a one-off incident. Gentlemen are well-mannered everywhere and in every situation.
A gentleman is ambitious, usually hard working, diligent and contains a passion to succeed. These people are usually very hard to find in real life. Ambitious gentlemen are always considered attractive, so long as they strike the right balance between humility and the joust to stay at the top. Women always love an ambitious man, but one with a certain level of prudence, humility and patience.
Smooth Not Sleazy
Gentlemen are the ones who can ‘knock your socks off’ and still be smooth and sharp about it. Blunt men in tuxedos with a fussy approach cannot be labeled gentlemen. The trick here is to be ‘smooth, not sleazy’. Healthy tactics, with a decent and confident approach, characterize gentlemen; it does not depend on the social standing of the individual, nor does it depend on the number of tuxedos he has in his wardrobe. A person who is stable, with a sense of gratitude and a respectful demeanor, is considered to be a gentleman.
No matter what the situation is, gentlemen are the ones who stand tall, and stand true to their opinions. Along with the idea of gentlemen being sexy and emotionally appealing, honesty is another virtue that defines a true gentleman. To be able to play the part of the perfect gentleman, it is necessary to be graceful and honest about life.
Last but not the least, women expect gentlemen to be charming. In all aspects, a man who respects himself will be better able to respect others mentally and physically, emitting a sort of grace and charm about him. In order to be charming, a man has to strike the perfect balance between etiquette, hygiene, ambition and chivalry. Women always look for charming men who are easy to be with and, above all, who do not take undue advantage of their power and status.

From walking a lady to the doorstep to meeting a humble man to even being someone who is simply well dressed, we all meet men with certain characteristics all the time. But the question to tackle here is, how many gentlemen have we met? In a world with ample quantity of men, it is very difficult to come across or meet men with real ‘quality’. Therefore, it is every man’s prerogative to learn and understand the different aspects of being a gentleman, and if you are not a woman, you might want to reflect on how many ‘real’ gentlemen you have come across in your life.

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