This section on Geography contains interesting trivia and information on geographical facts.

Highest Waterfalls In The World

The highest waterfalls in the world are different from the largest ones. Highest waterfalls literally transforms to the tallest waterfalls in the world. Explore the top five of them.

Hottest Place On Earth

The Earth is a fascinating ball of extremities. In one corner you’ll find yourself shivering and on the other, you’re sweating buckets. Read on to know about the hottest places on Earth!

Biggest Cities In The World

Find out the biggest cities in the world, based on either the population or area of the city. Explore to discover the world’s largest cities.

List Of Countries In The World

The list of countries in the world can never be exhaustive as there are numerous ‘nationalities’ demanding a country of their own. Read below for a complete list of all the countries of the world.

Deepest Lake In The World

Lakes are not only beautiful, but also fascinating and mysterious. To know more about the deepest lakes in the world, read on.

Types Of Landforms

The earth with its many land forms is indeed paradise. Read on to know about the types of landforms, the splendour of the planet we call Earth.

Longest Rivers In The World

Do you wish to know some facts about the longest rivers in the world ? If yes, then read on to learn more about the worlds longest rivers.

Tundra Climate Facts

The tundra is a region known to be remote, desolate and very cold. Steer through this article to learn about some interesting tundra climate facts.

List Of Countries In Asia

Asia, in terms of area occupied, is the world’s largest continent. Breeze through this article for a comprehensive list of countries that grace the continent of Asia.

Mediterranean Sea Facts

The Mediterranean Sea has captured the imagination of people for centuries. Read below for some interesting and fun facts about the Mediterranean Sea.

World's Highest Mountains

Did you know that every continent on earth has a mountain of its own? To know more on world’s highest mountains, surf through this list and brush up your geographical wits.

Appalachian Mountains Facts

The Appalachian Mountain range is one of the oldest mountain ranges in North America. Navigate through this article if you wish to learn more about this mountain range.

What Causes Thunder

Wondering what makes the roaring thunder in the sky? Surf through this article to know the causes of thunder.

Oceanography Facts

Oceanography has opened our eyes to a wide array of facts that makes us understand the earth better. Go through this article to read some of them.

Mount Everest Facts

Mt Everest is the tallest peak in the world, but do you know that it is still growing? If that isn’t interesting enough, we have some more. Explore to find some fun facts about Mt Everest.

Importance Of Water

Water, the elixir of life, is the very base of our existence. Though mostly unacknowledged, water has a lot of importance in our life. Read through the article to know why water is important.

Types Of Rocks

Rocks which cover majority of the earth’s crust have been classified by geologist into three types. With this article, get detailed information about the different kinds of rocks.

Most Interesting Facts About Niagara Falls

Who hasn’t heard about the amazing waterfalls, the Niagara Falls? Well, explore this article to know the most interesting and fun facts about Niagara Falls.

Gobi Desert Facts

The Gobi desert is one of the wilderness regions across the world. Explore the article to find some interesting facts and amazing information on Gobi desert.

Coral Reef Formation

Coral reefs are underwater structures formed in the warm, shallow, clear and sunny waters across the world. Read the article to find out about how formation of a coral reef takes place.

Facts About Coral Reef

Coral reefs are the greatest expression of ocean life and are among the oldest ecosystems on Earth. Read the article to find some interesting and fun facts about the coral reef.

How Do Clouds Form

Clouds are the most interesting and beautiful of all natural weather phenomena, with their formation process unknown to many. Explore this article to know how do clouds form.

What Causes Tornadoes

One of the most powerful and deadly weather phenomena on land, tornadoes can destroy the entire town. Read the article to know what causes a tornado and how is it created.

Why Do Volcanoes Erupt

Have you ever wondered why do volcanoes erupt? Volcanic eruption is an intriguing process that has fascinated mankind for ages. Read the article to know what causes such eruptions.

Amazon Rainforest Facts

The Amazon rainforest is the most diverse biodiversity on earth. Explore the article below to learn some interesting and fun Amazon rainforest facts.

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Facts About Great Barrier Reef

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