Though alcoholism is a serious condition, there is medication available for it. Check out treatment for alcoholism.

Medication For Alcoholism

Usually ostracized by others, alcoholics lead a life of desolation and misery. In some cases, even if the family accepts them, they go through a tough time seeing one of the beloved members wasting away precious moments of life in drinking. The emotional and mental torture they go through is unexplainable. Just when you begin to lose hope, you see a ray of light. There are medications available for curing people who are addicted to alcohol. Treatment for alcoholism may depend on various factors like age of the person, level of dependence or addiction, gender, body weight, immune or tolerance level to medication, etc. the different types of treatment and medication for alcoholism is given below.
People who are affected by alcoholism are usually taken to a rehabilitation center where de-addiction is the prime motive. Usually, the alcoholic has withdrawal symptoms as alcohol is strictly prohibited in the rehab centers. The withdrawal symptoms are really a litmus test to see whether you have the capacity and will power of getting over what happened and never revert back to alcoholism. With time, they gradually reduce. The affected people are kept in serene surroundings and are made to value the finer aspects of life. Since a rehab center has many such patients dealing with the same problem, it becomes all the more easy to deal with it since you know you are not the only one!
Counseling basically helps in tuning a person’s psychological perception about themselves. It helps them connect with themselves once again. Counseling is usually done by a thorough professional and helps patients in coming to terms with reality and getting over alcohol abuse as soon as possible in a healthy way. It helps them prepare for what lies in life and pick the strings from where they left it. Counseling encourages them to talk out their fears and apprehensions, thus enabling the professionals to solve their problems. The most important thing the alcoholics need at this time is someone to talk to and vent out their feelings. Counselors are the best options available as they help them by gaining their trust and confidence and giving them valuable suggestions and solutions.
Family Support and Love
This is the time when a patient needs utmost love and support from those who matter most in his/her life - the Family. If the immediate family members are ready and determined to cure this problem, then it becomes easier for the patient to get over alcoholism swiftly. The patient will have the confidence that you will not shun him away due to this problem and will remain by his side; come what may. Though this support is usually unspoken and felt, it helps in a big way.
Medications and Drugs
Approved by doctors all over the world, mild anti-depressants are also used to help patients to alleviate the problem and symptoms of alcoholism. The drugs are basically used in combination with counseling and therapy. The drugs used to help patients remain calm and composed are Disulfiram (Antabuse), Naltrexone (ReVia) and Acamprosate (Campral). However, it is advisable to consult your doctor as he knows the best medicine to prescribe, depending on the symptoms, tolerance level, age, etc.

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