Improving your spoken English (a universal language) can surely enhance your communication skills. Read on to explore tips on how to improve your spoken English.

Improving The Spoken English

"The English language is nobody’s special property. It is the property of the imagination: it is the property of the language itself." - Derek Walcott
Today, English is not a language for just the natives. In fact, there are a number of countries in which you will find more English speakers than England itself. In other words, English has become an international language. It is the language of business and commerce. Learning to speak English becomes essential if we want to excel in any field internationally, as today English is considered a universal language. Learning any new language is difficult and English is no exception to that. However, with the following tips, you can learn to improve your spoken English and remove the mother tongue influence (MTI) from it. So what are you waiting for? Read on to know the tips for improving spoken English.
How To Improve Your Spoken English
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall
Whatever you have learnt or read in a day, practice in front of the mirror. Try the articulation and speak in an accent. For start, you can read from the newspaper, English magazines, and other books. Take a passage and read it aloud. After you think your accent has improved, try reciting a poem or a prose in front of the mirror. This will increase your confidence and will open the hesitation as well. 
Practice With Peers & Family
Talk to your family members and friends in English. You can also organize debates and speeches on a small level, where everyone in your family or friend circle speak on one topic for a few minutes. It will not only trim down your hesitation, but also help you get over the fear of making mistakes, as you will be with your friends and family - your comfort zone. It will increase your self-esteem too.
Watch English Films, News Channel
If you want to speak English like the natives, you need to watch movies, news, radios, music, in that language only. You may not understand it at first, but with time, you would not only start understanding their accent, but it will also help improve your vocabulary.
Buy Books On Tape
There are many books that come in the form of books, especially for the purpose of helping you improve your English speaking and pronunciation skill. Invest in some good authors and practice with these tapes in your free time.
Listen To Good English Speakers
Listen to people who you think are good English speakers. It will help you catch the skill better. You can also watch their videos, listen to them online, or even in person. It can be anyone from Barack Obama to your teacher in school. Exploit every opportunity to speak English.
Join An English Club
You will meet people like you there and it will help you realize that you are not the only person who isn’t specialized in this subject. Also meeting different people will help you overcome your complex. You can also join coaching classes, which will provide you professional help in learning spoken English.
Keep The KISS Principle In Mind
Keep it short and simple (KISS). Nothing is more beautiful than simplicity. So, instead of using an ambiguous language, with tough words, go for simple words. Learning any new language is difficult and English is no exception. Start simple and go with the flow. With time, you would learn bigger words too.
Be Patient
Learning English doesn't happen overnight, despite the assurance of your coaching institute. So, be patient and never give up. It may take time, but it will come eventually. Don’t get frustrated and don’t expect any miracles. You would learn to speak English, but it will take some time.

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