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Office Party Wear

Your office party is just round the corner and you are still confused as to what to wear for the big day. Agreed your wardrobe is practically overflowing with clothes, yet, you don’t seem to find a single piece of clothing that would be appropriate for your office party. Now you are getting paranoid about what to buy and how to prepare for the party before it is too late. The good news is; you will find many ideas in the following lines that will help you zero in on the perfect set of dress for your corporate party. So read on to know what clothes to wear for your corporate party.
How To Dress For Office Party 
  • Keep one thing in mind. Never wear an attire that will make you the topic for hot gossip after the party. If something about your clothes does not seem right, then it probably isn’t. You need to make heads turn when you enter and then slowly fade away with the backdrop. It is not advisable to be in the limelight forever! Choose your attire according to your party venue, occasion and the invitation.
  • Pick something that is dressier than what you would wear to office on a casual Friday. The idea is to pick something that is casual & smart and yet pulls you through like a professional. In case you need to go to the party venue from work, get the dress or a part of it along with you in a bag.
  • Consider what kind of a party is it going to be. If it requires you to stand for a long time or dance, avoid stilettos and wear comfortable footwear. In case you will be required to go on stage, avoid short dress or short skirts. If it is an evening cocktail party, don’t wear bright colors and instead stick with darker colors with sheen and shimmer.
  • The best bet would be to team a neat looking pair of jeans that has sequins around the pocket, with a sexy shirt in colors like white, silver, ivory, copper, rust, hues of blue, etc. It could be a sleeveless number or a nice halter neck. Make sure it doesn’t flaunt too much of cleavage and your midriff is covered. Accessorize with a black, brown or white belt with a metallic buckle and wear one striking piece of jewelry. It could be a neat pair of chandelier earrings or a chunky metallic bangle or a thin necklace.
  • If the theme is mentioned in the invitation, stick to it. A cocktail party normally calls for a short black dress but don’t go for something that is too short. If it is a dinner party, consider wearing formal trousers and a dressy shirt.
  • Guys can always wear formal to semi-formal trousers with no creases and a dressy shirt. Ties are always optional and the shoes have to be neat and polished. Get a black or brown blazer to go with your attire and gel up your hair. Don’t forget to shave off your stubble and you are set to rock!

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