Taking a plunge into the world of modeling and becoming a model requires planning, caution, and professionalism. Check out some useful tips and steps on how to become a model.

How To Become A Model

After watching director Madhur Bhandarkar’s National Award-winning film Fashion, all those who have always wished to become a model must have gained a more than valuable insight into the world of fashion. From being professional to staying clear of people who fool innocent and ambitious men and women, it served as quite a tutorial for aspiring models. Though a bit over the top, like any other Indian film, what it said about the fashion world was not devoid of the truth. It is full of men and women who will be after your back, wanting to rid you of your work or fool you into doing away with your money. Thus, it is important for you to know the field much before you take the plunge. Here are some things you must be clear about before taking up modeling as a career. Go through the tips and steps listed below and know how to become a model.
Becoming A Model
Here’s what you must do to become a successful model and make it big in the fashion industry:
Health Is Beauty
There are some qualities that are a necessity, when it comes to taking up modeling as a career. Most such qualities are those that are indicative of a more than average health rate - healthy, glowing or at the very least, blemish free skin; overall symmetry in face and body; and healthy hair, even if not too long or thick. Other necessities will depend on the type of modeling you wish to take up. For instance, a plus size model will need a full and curvaceous body. On the other hand, if you wish to be a catwalk model or ramp model, you will have to be thin. The western nations prefer skinny women for ramp models, but in India, you can afford to be just thin, not skinny. Make sure you have the requisite physical characteristics for the type of model you wish to be.
Click It Up
When you go out to get your pictures clicked, it would be preferable to hire a professional. The pictures should be able to show your ability to take on the modeling world, as to how comfortable you are in front of the camera and how comfortable you are with your own body. You will definitely require a headshot and one body shot. After the pictures have developed, pick out your favourite ones - the ones in which you look best - and get them printed in an 8x10 format. If you can afford to, - get a professional to do a photo shoot of you, which will perhaps earn you brownie points.
When you go for an interview, you will be expected to know your expressions - sad, happy, angry, powerful, seductive, and so on. You must practice beforehand, to be able to give such expressions well. Since most people find it hard to give such expressions at the spur of the moment, you will be more at ease if you have practiced.
Be Aware
Since the fashion industry is closely linked to the show business, what with an increasing number of models turning to the electric media - be it the small or big screen, there are many who will be ready to exploit your lack of knowledge about the field. The exploitation could be monetary as well as physical. There might be modeling agencies that trick hapless men and women. Some photographers may demand too much in terms of money or sometimes, even ask for sexual favours. Be aware of all such people.

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