Special days do not warrant a romantic dinner; it is a surprise romantic dinner that makes a day special. Here’s how to host a romantic dinner.

How Do I Host A Romantic Dinner?

The season is just right and love is in the air… with Valentine ’s Day’s magic refusing to die. People are bound to feel the need to express their love and make their loved one feel special. Some say it with flowers, some with gifts, some with an outing – yet others say it with a romantic dinner, complete with the ambience that smells of romance. Not only women, men too feel the need to make their better halves and spouses feel special by whipping up a gourmet meal or just the regular pizza-and-coke routine. Some of those who are short on time or who are culinary-challenged may even buy or order food from outside. Whatever be the source of food, the thought that goes behind it is important. So, if you too want to make your better half feel special with a romantic dinner, read on to know how to go about it.
Romantic Dinner Ideas
Just You And Me
Make sure the two of you – you and your spouse or beau – are absolutely alone and there is no one to disturb you. If you have children, leave them over at your parents or parents-in-law’s house for the evening. If they are old enough to understand, tell them to go out with their friends (if you tell your teenage daughter that you are planning a wonderful dinner for mommy and wink at her to keep it with her, trust your stars, she will make sure it happens, even if she has to stay over at a friend’s place, at the pretext of a slumber party).
Surprise adds to the romance. It would be wonderful if you can arrange a surprise dinner. Drop hints like asking your spouse to try leaving from work early or ask what they would like to have in dinner. Don’t make it the usual “Khane mein kya banaoon?” routine. If you are a man, the very fact that you cooked (or tinkered in the kitchen, whichever comes first!) will be rewarded by your woman. Even if you order food from outside, she will appreciate the fact that you made her feel special. Leave a note by your spouse's bedside or next to the pillow to prepare them for a special something in the evening.
Check Schedule
Does your spouse go for a yoga or violin class on Fridays? Had your wife planned a trip to the salon on Thursday? You should keep a track of such things when it comes to planning a romantic dinner. If your spouse has other plans for that day, reschedule the dinner or postpone it by a day or two. You wouldn’t want to set out to give your spouse a pleasant surprise and end up getting a rude one yourself when she calls home to say that she needs go for her aerobics class, which you obviously ignored.
Let the menu be simple yet include at least two dishes that your spouse is fond of and would enjoy. It is best not to experiment with anything new, so stick to the tried, tested, and appreciated foods. If you are ordering food from outside, you will need to transfer it into attractive dishes and bowls, so make sure you have enough time to do that and much more, before your spouse arrives.
Spice It Up!
You could use your creativity to any extent when it comes to hosting a romantic dinner – use candles, rose petals, exclusive cutlery and dinner sets and even liquor, in case you or your partners are not teetotalers. Chocolates are another safe bet when it comes to a romantic dinner.

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