Express your love to your beloved or rekindle your romance with a candlelight dinner. Check out this write-up to find ideas for a romantic candlelight dinner.

Candlelight Dinner

Romance is the most vital key to keep a relationship alive and refreshing. And to keep the relationship loving and intimate, it is important to put in extra efforts to keep up the romance young and living. Since ages, candles have been associated with romance. And what better than a romantic candlelight dinner can be to get cozy in your beloved’s arms and enjoy some intimate moments. Due to the busy life and hectic schedules, couples, these days, hardly get time to spend with one another. Enter here candlelight dinner that allows you to take out time and strengthen your relationship and feelings. Now, if you have been looking for ideas to arrange a candlelight dinner and whisper out those magical words ‘Dear you are my only love’, glance through the lines that follow. With a dash of creativity and a touch of pragmatism, you can spice up things between you and your spouse or partner. Take a look and add spark to your romantic date!
Ideas For A Romantic Candlelight Dinner
Make Arrangements
Having a candlelight dinner is practically impossible instantly. Serious planning and arrangements have to go in to spice up things with your spouse. In case the dinner is a surprise, then casually ask him/her about free dates and take him/her to the venue so decided. However, if you both are planning to spend some private moments together, make sure that both of you are free on the decided date. Also, ensure that the two of you are alone at home. If you have kids, either arrange a babysitter for them or, best, drop them at your parents’ place. They sure wouldn’t mind, right!
Instead of revealing out the plan days before the actual dinner, inform your partner about the dinner on the morning of the date. Prepare a romantic invitation card and hand it over to him/her just before he/she is leaving for work. For a more exciting and passionate feel, add a bouquet of flowers along with the card.
Ambiance is an important aspect for a truly romantic dinner. Spend an extra evening in getting the materials for decorating your home and converting it into a romantic setting. Get different types of fresh flowers and arrange them in vases placed all over your home. For the dining table, spread out a lovely tablecloth and place a beautiful and lovely candle holder in the center. Fit in a candle in the holder. Light aromatic candles all around the place and complete the look with festival lights. Take out your best cutlery saved for special occasions, such as stylish and expensive bowls, plates, spoons, forks, glasses, etc.
To make things easy, it is best to order food from your favorite restaurant. However, you can opt for cooking food at home to be truly romantic. You do not have to make it lavish and elaborate; a three course meal is sufficient comprising of appetizers, main course, and desserts. Cook up your partner’s favorite dishes by looking out for the best recipe through cookbooks or the internet. When it’s time to serve the dinner, start off with soup, salad or appetizers followed by the main course. Complement your stupendous meal with your beloved’s favorite brand of wine or champagne served in tall wine glasses for that romantic mood. Complete your dinner with mouth-watering desserts.
Dress Up
While you are busy preparing for the romantic candlelight dinner, do not forget to put on a hot and sexy dress, only for your spouse. After you are done with the decorations and cooking, take enough time to look your best. While cocktail dresses are best for women, men can try out a formal suit completed with a tie for the same feel. Now that you are done with the preparations, it’s show time! Wait for your partner to create that sensuous and intimate atmosphere. Enjoy your candlelight dinner filled with lots of love, romance, and togetherness!

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