Follow these simple tea party etiquettes in order to enjoy the snacks, tea and the gossips without any embarrassing moments coming your way.

Tea Party Etiquette

Man is a social being, and when in a social set up or gathering, a particular kind of behaviour is expected of him. Parties are to enjoy with friends and relatives. It is an occasion to relax; to forget all your worries and flow along with the surrounding mood. However, there are certain set mannerisms and etiquette that one needs to follow even in a gathering meant to loosen your senses, especially in formal gatherings like tea parties. A tea party is one of the oldest forms of parties which have been hosted since times immemorial. Such parties, despite having a tradition of hundreds of years, have seen very little change in their format and the etiquette followed by the people. As mentioned above, tea parties are formal parties and there are set rules and etiquette for them that must be followed and observed under all circumstances. Mentioned below are the tips for tea party etiquette, both for guests and the host in order to make your party a success.

Tea Party Manners

Invitations for a tea party can be given and received in a number of ways depending upon whether the function is a formal one or a casual one. You as a hostess can either design and mail an invitation to your guests or can call them and invite them in case of a casual meet up or can even meet them face to face. The guests who receive the invitation must reply back to the invitation. The guests as a tea party etiquette must RSVP with a yes or a no much before the date mentioned.

Table Settings
The table for the tea party should be arranged impressively. But, this does not mean you will have to spend thousands arranging for it. Tablecloth, linen napkins, cups and saucers, tea spoons, sugar tongs and jam and butter are the few things that you should make available for the guests on the table. In case there is cake in your menu, you will have to add forks on the table. The way you set the table is what matters. A tidy setting is what guests would expect.

Table Manners
Tea party etiquettes are meant to be followed not only by the hostess but also by the invitees. It is part of tea party etiquette for the guests to carry a small gift for the hostess as a token of courtesy. Hand over the gift and be seated and wait for other guests to arrive. Once all guests arrive, the hostess need to sit down and spread a napkin on her lap. The guests should also follow the same procedure of sitting and spreading the napkin on their lap. Wait for the hostess to serve the tea or signal for the guests to begin the tea party.

Drinking Tea
Most of the people have a habit of holding a cup with their little finger extending out. Avoid doing this if you have a habit of sticking your pinkie finger out while holding your cup. This action is considered to be rude in many social settings. You should hold your cup with your index finger placed into the handle till knuckle and your thumb placed on the top of the handle to support the cup. The bottom of the handle should rest on your third finger and the fourth and fifth finger should curve back towards your wrist. Make sure not to lift the saucer in your hands if you are seated at a table. Do not look at other guests while taking a sip from your cup, rather lower your eyes and look at what you are doing to avoid spilling your tea.

Etiquette While Making Tea
There was a time when milk was poured in to the cup before tea. This was done to prevent the glaze on delicate tea cups from breaking. But, today we don’t have any such problem; hence you can add milk after the tea in order to know the quantity you need. Be careful not to touch your spoon against the cup while stirring the tea with a spoon. Move the spoon gently back and forth without touching the sides of the cup. Remove the spoon once done with stirring and place it on the saucer behind the tea cup to the right of the handle. Also make sure not to swirl the tea in the cup when your cup is low, because you might accidently slosh the tea onto the tablecloth.

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