Do you want to know how to repair and fix most of your gadgets and gizmos at home only? If yes, then check out the information given in this section, on how to do all such stuff.

How To Format A PC

Formatting a personal computer is usually the last option when all other attempts to repair have failed. Create a backup of important data and scan it for virus before copying back after reinstalling.

How To Open DAT Files

Want to know how to quickly open a .dat file? Leaf through this article for learning the technique of opening DAT files.

How To Find Someone’s IP Address

Tracing someone’s IP address becomes essential when you want to find out which computer has been sending you emails or blogs. With this article, learn how to find someone’s IP address.

How To Convert HTML To PDF

Want to convert your HTML files into searchable and readable PDF format? By learning how to convert HTML into PDF, find easy solutions to your problem.

How To Use A Flash Drive

Flash drives allow you to store and transfer large amounts of data. Read below to learn how to use a flash drive.

How To Increase Download Speed

Tired of your slow PC and wish you could think of ways to increase its download speed? If yes, navigate your way through this piece and know more on how to increase download speed effectively.

How To Install Linux Mint

Installing the operating system Linux Mint has now become easier! Download this version now by reading some of the steps involved in installing Linux Mint.

How To Save Text Messages

Are you stuck at something quite simple like ‘How to save text messages’ and are just uncomfortable to ask? Chill! Here’s a guide that provides you steps and ways of saving text messages.

How To Connect Computer To TV

Do you want to know how to connect your computer to your TV? If yes, explore this article to learn the different ways by which you can connect a computer to a TV.

How To Extract RAR Files

In order to use the data compressed in a RAR file, you need to unpack the contents. Find out how you can extract RAR files and use them by navigating through this article.

How To Compress A File

Want to learn how to compress a file? This article will tell you some of the easiest ways to compress a file. Applying the techniques mentioned, you can compress a file as big as 4 GB into 1 GB.

How To Clean A Laptop Keyboard

Looking for an easy way to clean your laptop? Here are some quick ways to help you in cleaning your laptop keyboard.

How To Remove Scratches From A CD

You are not ready to throw away your CD collection, despite each of them having some scratches. Learn how to remove scratches from a CD and enjoy your favorite movie again.

How To Save PDF As JPEG

Have a lot of PDF files that need to be converted into JPEG format? Wondering how to go about with it? Worry not for we have a solution to your query. Check out ways to convert PDF into JPEG.

How To Watch TV On Computer

Staying away from your home? Do you miss your room, especially your personal TV? Do you have a PC? Then worry not for you can watch TV on your computer. Here’s how to go about with it.

How To Convert PDF To JPG

Finding it hard to convert PDF to JPG? Go through this article as it provides you information as to how to convert PDF file into JPG, without much hassle.

How To Send Pictures To Cell Phone

By following a few steps, you can send images to a mobile phone, without much hassles. To find out how to send pictures to cell phone, browse through this article.

How To Open RAR Files On Mac

For opening .rar files on your Apple Mac, you need to have decompression software installed. This article explains how to open RAR files on Mac.

How To Burn A CD From iTunes

Burning a CD from iTunes is quick and easy. Read below to learn how to burn a CD from iTunes.

How To Connect PC To HDMI TV

You might have wrongly assumed that connecting the PC to an HDMI TV is a tedious task. You would certainly be taken aback when you read this article and learn how quick and easy the process is!

How To Flash A Cell Phone

Changing a service provider can be done at home if you know how to flash a cell phone. Follow the steps on flashing a cell phone in the article given below.

How To Merge PDF Files

PDF is the most popular file format. With this article, learn how to merge PDF files.

How To Do A Mail Merge

Save yourself time from sending the same document to numerous recipients by creating a mail merge. Learn how to do a mail merge in Word 2007 in this article.

How To Backup iPhone

If you love your iPhone, it would make for better sense to provide it with a backup. Breeze through this article to discover for yourself instructions on how to backup an iPhone.

How To Eject CD From Mac

Have you tried all the ways to eject a CD from Mac but still can’t get it out? Don’t panic as this is a very common problem. Explore this article for techniques to eject a CD from Mac.

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