If you love your iPhone, it would make for better sense to provide it with a backup. Breeze through this article to discover for yourself instructions on how to backup an iPhone.

How To Backup iPhone

When it comes to phones, it hardly gets better than the iPhone. From the looks and versatility to the technology employed, the iPhone is really everyone’s cell phone of choice. While you may think that the iPhone is invincible, in reality it is not and this is why it is important to provide backup for your iPhone. iPhones, sadly, are prone to malfunction and this can result in the loss of quite a lot of information. To prevent this nightmare from materializing into the realms of reality, there are certain things that you should be doing. You just need to do a few things to take a backup for your iPhone and get rid of the morbid fear of losing what you value most on the same. Take the time and read on to gain access to information on how to backup an iPhone. The following information will help you to place your finger on how to backup contacts, photos, music, settings and bookmarks on your iPhone.

Instructions On How To Backup iPhone

How To Backup Contacts From An iPhone

Connect your iPhone with your laptop. You can backup ‘My Contacts’ on your iPhone by using the ‘Windows Address Book’ feature in your laptop. For this, you will have to begin with the ‘Start’ option in your computer and then move on to the ‘Programs’ icon. Once there, you can proceed to the ‘Accessories’ icon. With this done, you will see an Address Book option. You can then move on to export your contacts as a Windows Address Book or a WAB file and a Comma Separated Value file (CSV). This step will help you save your contacts in your computer’s hard disk.

How To Backup Photos From An iPhone 

This is best when done on a Windows XP system. You can begin by plugging in your iPhone to your computer. As soon as you do this, a different dialog window will pop up. Use the options visible on the window and go ahead and run the ‘Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard’. This will help you transfer pictures from your iPhone to your computer, and the best part about the whole exercise is that it wouldn’t pose too much of a challenge.

How To Backup Music From An iPhone 

All those great tunes on your iPhone, do you ever want to lose them? You sure don’t want to lose them and that is why it is so important to backup the music on your iPhone. The best part of going about the whole process of providing the music on your iPhone with backup is that it is not any different from the process of getting backup for the photos on your iPhone. All you need to do is start off the same way, select the right options and before you know it, the music on your iPhone would have been provided with backup!

How To Backup The Settings On An iPhone

This may sound like it can put a dent on how savvy you think you are, but it does not make the process any less useful. All you need to do is, run through your ‘Settings’ function and write down each and every piece of information that determines the ‘Settings’ on your iPhone. It may seem like a very tiresome process, but at the end of it all, you will have what you need and that is all you should be caring about!

How To Backup Bookmarks On An iPhone 

As far as bookmarks on your iPhone and backup goes, it is advisable to use ‘Firefox’ and ‘Internet Explorer’. This is something that you only need to do if you have a large number of bookmarks. If you don’t, you can just let your bookmarks be!

For safety and security, it is important to keep in mind the processes that help you live the dream on how to backup an iPhone.

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