Joining a network on facebook is a good way to extend the social circle further. Read below to get some tips on how to join a network on facebook.

How To Join A Network On Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site, which facilitates users to connect with their friends online and also build up their list of friends. The success of facebook has proven the fact that the world has become a wired place, what with relationships being carried on online. But the fact is that facebook has managed to broaden our horizon. Through facebook, we can build an endless number of friends and acquaintances depending on our likes, interests, work and various other criteria, even if we have not met them or are unlikely to meet in future. Then there is the advantage of meeting our long lost friends and acquaintances. In the normal life, it is very difficult to talk to all our acquaintances on a daily basis, leave alone meeting them. Through online we can at least exchange a line or two every day. This is facilitated even further when one joins a network on facebook. Here, one can join various networks ranging from work network to college network to high school network. Once you join these networks, it becomes like a social circle. Thus, you can know what your high school and college friends are up to and reminiscence about those days, connect with your coworkers in the work network and build ties. However, only those organizations and schools that are supported by facebook can use the network. If you are looking towards joining a network, then read below on how you can do so.
Joining A Network On Facebook 

Joining A Work Network

  • First you should open an account in facebook. You should also have a valid email id from the company, with the company domain in which you are working.
  • Once you log on to facebook, click the account tab on the top right corner. Then click the ‘account settings’ option. You will be taken to ‘My Account’ page.
  • Now click the ‘Networks’ page just on the side of the settings. You will go to the ‘Join a network’ form. Now enter the email address in the space provided and click the ‘Join Network’ button.
  • The facebook administration will send you a confirmation mail immediately. In the mail, a link will be provided which you must click on to, to authenticate your email address. Then you can browse your new work network.
  • You can browse other users in your network, but can access their profiles only if they accept your friend request.
  • You can also decide which network you would like people to see.
  • Just go to the ‘My Network’ page from the ‘Account Setting’ tab. You will see a list of all the networks that you have joined. Next to the networks there is a ‘Make Primary’ link.
  • Click the link next to the network which you want your friends to see.
Joining A College Network
  • Those who wish to join their college networks should have a valid email address from one of the schools that facebook supports. Facebook also supports college affiliated alumni email addresses. Without the email addresses from the school or college the network cannot be joined.
  • Once you have the required email id, you should log on to facebook.
  • Go to the accounts tab and click the ‘Accounts Settings’ option. In the ‘My Accounts’ page click on the ‘Networks’ tab.
  • Fill in the email address given by the college and click the join option. You will receive a mail in which you will be provided with a link, to authenticate the mail address. Click on the link and you can join your college network.
Additional Tips
  • If you are a new user, then you can sign up for networks from the home page itself.
  • If you do not receive the confirmation email, then check the spam and other folders.

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