Have you ever wondered how to trace a blocked call from a private number? If you do not know how, then browse through this article to learn more about it.

How To Trace A Blocked Call

Whenever you get a phone call, your cell phone displays the caller number, or if you get a call on your landline, you can get the caller’s number if you have a caller id installed. However, many times we get calls from anonymous numbers or private numbers. A random innocent blank call can be of no harm, but constant blank calls or prank calls can take get you on your nerves. Sometimes you can get threatening or harassing calls from such “blocked numbers” which can take a toll on your personal life and make you emotionally disturbed. You feel helpless in this situation. Many people think that they cannot trace a blocked call or do not know how to tackle such a situation. If you too have the same question and if you want to know how to trace a blocked call, then read the next sections to get an answer.

Ways To Trace A Blocked Call
To trace a blocked call, you need to take the help of you service provider. If it is just a prank call, probably your service provider won’t help, but if it is a constant harassing call or someone is regularly threatening you over the phone, then it is possible to trace the blocked number. In many countries harassing phone calls are illegal and if you bring this matter to the notice of your service provider, they are going to help you trace the number. However, in most cases, you need to register a complaint with your local police before you approach your service provider. This is because, service providers are obliged to maintain a caller’s identity, and without a police complaint, they won’t take your request. To lodge a legal complain, note down the time and frequency of the calls as you will need this information while informing the police.

How To Trace Blocked Call On Mobile Phones
If you are getting blocked calls on cell phones, dial *69 immediately after the phone call. This will not display the blocked number, but you will be able to call back the blocked number so that you can speak to the caller and try to find out his or her identity. You can also ask your service provider to activate the call tracing service on your phone. Once the service is activated, you will be charged a certain fee for having opted for this service.

Free Websites To Trace Blocked Calls
There are many websites that help you trace blocked numbers. To avail this facility, you do not need to install or download any software. After you register, the site will ask you to enter certain numbers in your cell phone. Then you will receive a voice mail and will be asked to enter a certain number on the website. Once this process is complete your can trace the blocked number. However, be sure to check all the terms and conditions before trying this facility. If you are getting harassing calls from a certain number, you can even block that number on your cell phone.

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