Is your computer full of adware and you don’t even know it? This article will tell you what adware is and how you can get rid of it.

How To Get Rid Of Adware

Before you set about the task of getting rid of the adware in your computer, it would be best if you take a moment to read what adware is and on how it works. Adware is software that is not meant to harm your system. The dictionary defines adware as advertising support software that is used to display advertisements on your computers screen. How adware gets into a computer is by piggybacking on other software that is available for free. Every time you download things like funky mouse pointers, themes for your computer, smiles for you instant messenger, games or any other file (including those gotten using file sharing), you run the risk of downloading adware also. While most adware is not invasive or offensive there are times when there may be adware that will pop up on your screen and deny you access to your computer till you visited the product website. Excess adware on a computer can also cause the performance of the machine to slowly deteriorate. This is why getting rid of adware becomes an essential task.

Getting Rid Of Adware
If you are worried about adware on your computer, then all you have to do is follow these simple tips. Before you start with the tips, remember that most anti-adware tips revolve around prevention, so the best way to get rid of adware is to avoid it.

  • The most effective method of getting rid of adware is to not let it into your computer in the first place. You can do this by not downloading any software that has not been published by any reputed manufacturer. This will include icons, emoticons and software that will claim to improve the performance of your machines.
  • The next obvious step would be to get software that will scan and clean out all the adware from your computer. However, you should make sure that you buy such software from a recognized and certified manufacturer.
  • Since the license agreement for the main software sometimes contains information about the adware it would be wise to read the license agreement carefully.
  • Since adware can also be present in junk mails, try not to open them and click on too many links provided in the mail.
  • If you are well versed with the programs that are installed on your computer, you can also go to the ‘Add/Remove Programs’ option in the ‘control panel’ of your system and remove any programs that you find suspicious.
  • Deleting all the temporary files, folders and cookies from your web browser will also help in getting rid of adware.
  • Make sure that your anti adware software is up to date and if it is not then update it. This will help in removing any adware that was made after the last update.
  • Scan your computer for adware at regular intervals and make sure you do the manual check also once the scan is complete.
If after doing all this you still get adware warning on your computer, then you should consult your closest computer dealer for possible solutions to increase security on your system.

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