BlackBerry is one of the most robust and coveted devices of the century. Hang on to this article to view some of the best BlackBerry applications that are worth downloading.

Best BlackBerry Apps

“Did you see my brand new phone, it’s a BlackBerry!” This has been your standard greeting to every person you have crossed paths with. You are so overwhelmed with your BlackBerry that there’s absolutely nothing else on your mind! Now that you’ve got the most coveted gadget, time to snatch and install the best BlackBerry apps! What decisive factor best proclaims a smartphone a clear winner? Tech geeks and phone enthusiasts obviously debate upon the phone’s software, its user interface and lastly, the ingenuity of the available games and applications. BlackBerry has indeed upheld its dazzling reputation for quite some time now, and it's only getting better. While it is relatively more popular amongst the corporate masses, tactical measures have been made to attract the younger crowd towards this well-renowned brand. In order to keep up with (if not overtake) the iPhones and Androids, BlackBerry is obliged to conjure up applications that transcend the others in the market! No doubt that Apple has outdone BlackBerry in terms of number of application, but this triumph fails to belittle the technological prowess vested in what we call the BlackBerry! Listed below are the best blackberry apps available as of now.
Top BlackBerry Applications
There are just too many apps to choose from and download!  While some are free, the others must be paid for! Select the ones that will be useful for you so that you don’t end up blowing your cash on what you don’t need. Check out the BlackBerry apps that promise to optimize your device!
BlackBerry Messenger    
This Instant Messenger application is the most prominent one and is included on newer BlackBerry devices. Most users take full advantage of this app as it lets you communicate with any other owner of BlackBerry device with no price charge from your cell phone provider! All you have to do is use your unique BBM PIN and the two of you can send messages back and forth, all free!
Irrefutably one of the best BlackBerry apps in the market, Vlingo enhances your device with voice commands, and effectively provides you with speech-to-text dictation. Besides the voice recognition facility, it performs web searches by simply detecting your vocal chords. If you say- “Find Britney Spears Discography”. You have the hits right in front of you in less than a second! Moreover, say a name saved in your contacts list and his/her number will be dialing. This application is ideal and super convenient for transcribing messages! You save time and limit spelling errors to a bare minimum.
Although most BlackBerry phones fall short of the FM Radio feature, this shortcoming can be solved in a jiffy! Install the Nobex application and tune in to your favorite live radio stations around the globe! Nobex enables you to see what's playing, see the lyrics and buy the song if you really like it! Thanks to Nobex you can stream music over Wi-Fi for hours at a time, whenever you please. As an added bonus, the sound quality is outstanding!
Documents To Go
We all at some point of our professional and college lives, have to work on Microsoft Word or Office. This fantastic feature provides users with the ability to view and edit MS Office files. This serves as a brilliant alternative when you have absolutely no access to a PC or laptop. ‘Documents To Go” allows you to create new documents, perform spell-checks, use bulleted lists and tables, read PDFs on screen and even copy text out of them! You have to pay for the premium version of this app.
Google Maps          
Nothing is worse than being lost in the middle of nowhere when you have the most important appointment of the year waiting for you! Google Maps are the two magic words that help you navigate and find your way through the mazes of the universe. Today, majority of the BlackBerry handsets come with built-in GPS. Google Maps for Mobile is rapidly growing popularity as it offers terrific options like satellite views, turn-by-turn directions, and local business searching.
Essentially a mobile RSS feed programs; Viigo offers BlackBerry enthusiasts with a myriad of RSS feeds ranging from science to sports to entertainment to politics. Take your pick and you will be delighted to encounter the most relevant of updates right at your fingertips. Viigo’s auto-configure option permits users to key in websites of their choice, after which the program directly locates the site's RSS feed. This simplifies the task of connecting users to their most trusted web pages! Beta testing has been included in the new version of Viigo, which enables custom search alerts and podcasts. According to many, Viigo is one of the best mobile RSS reader applications ever!
Opera Mini
If real speed and desktop page rendering power are your top priorities for web browsing, it’s time you install Opera Mini. Web pages are easily rendered on BlackBerry devices as page requests pass through Opera servers. Pages tend to load much faster, since your BlackBerry isn't overburdened. Moreover, Opera Mini boosts your overall web experience by providing the ability to zoom in on and out of pages by clicking or sliding the BlackBerry track wheel. The easily convertible mobile view and flexible bookmark management option is what makes the Opera Mini app rise above the clutter.
JapbLite BlackBerry Personal Money Manager
Clever IT specialists brainstormed upon an idea to aid users with the ability to manage money and business on their personal BlackBerry devices and ended up writing a sophisticated personal finance program in Java MIDP. This robust personal finance app comes in handy for people taking care of multiple accounts, investment tracking, future balance calculations, net worth calculation. Special features extend to foreign currency accounts with automatic revaluation, regular transactions and so on!
There is nothing better than Kayak when you need to track down the best sites for finding hotels and flight deals. Especially when you’re on the move with no reliable sources for accommodation, you can always avail Kayak to identify the best hotels! You can look up at flight details and baggage fees from any part of the world! What's more, it includes tourist attraction and sight-seeing destinations!
TwitterBerry & Facebook App
All those twitter users and Facebook addicts who just cannot get enough, you can rely on this fantastic application on your BlackBerry device and carry on with your shenanigans anytime, anywhere. Read and reply to your friend’s tweets or update your Facebook status and upload pictures and videos!
Now that you are aware of some of the best BlackBerry applications, shortlist your favorites and let the installations begin! 

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