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How To Speed Up Mac

Speeding up your Mac is something you can do yourself. Browse your way through this educational article to find out how.

How To Choose The Best Gaming Laptop

There can be nothing better for a hardcore gamer than to buy a specialized gaming laptop. Read this article to get some tips on how to buy the best gaming laptop.

Pros And Cons Of Cloud Computing

Despite all the various pros that embrace cloud computing, it has its own cons to stay away as well. Take a glimpse into this article and find the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing.

How To Pack A Computer

When shifting your computer, you are literally putting its ‘life’ at stake. Read your way through this article for tips on packing or shifting your laptop or computer.

How To Protect Your Privacy And Identity With Passwords

It’s extremely important to protect your passwords from being stolen. Explore this article to gain access to tips on how to protect your privacy and identity with passwords.

Netbooks Vs Notebooks

If you thought that the only difference between netbooks and notebooks was about the size, you were probably wrong! Read on to know more on netbook vs. notebooks.

How To Choose An Antivirus Software

The use of antivirus software is absolutely necessary to counter the rampant spread of computer viruses. Read the article to learn more on how to choose antivirus software.

How To Get Rid Of Email Spam

Emails and spam go hand in hand, and it is hard to keep your mail account free of spam. Read the article to know how to get rid of email spam.

How To Get Rid Of Messy Computer Cables

Messy computer cables can make your desk look bad, they are such a bother. Read on how to get rid of messy computer cables.

How To Fix Computer Errors

Learning how to fix computer errors will help you to save your PC from unexpected breakdowns. Read the article to find some tips to repair common computer errors.

How To Take A Screenshot

A screenshot is an image captured by the computer for recording the items displayed on the monitor. Read the article to find some simple tips on how to take a screen shot.

Computer Virus Symptoms

A computer that is infected by viruses will show up in many different ways that it needs attention. Here are some symptoms of virus infection in computer.

How To Make Your Computer Faster

Making your computer run faster is a task that you can achieve on your own as well. Go through the tips given here and know how to make your computer faster.

History Of Computers

The computer has a fascinating history behind it. Check out interesting information on the origin and background of the computer.

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Latest Stories

How To Format A PC

Formatting a personal computer is usually the last option when all other attempts to repair have failed. Create a backup of important data and scan it for virus before copying back after reinstalling.

How To Open DAT Files

Want to know how to quickly open a .dat file? Leaf through this article for learning the technique of opening DAT files.

How To Find Someone’s IP Address

Tracing someone’s IP address becomes essential when you want to find out which computer has been sending you emails or blogs. With this article, learn how to find someone’s IP address.

How To Convert HTML To PDF

Want to convert your HTML files into searchable and readable PDF format? By learning how to convert HTML into PDF, find easy solutions to your problem.

How To Use A Flash Drive

Flash drives allow you to store and transfer large amounts of data. Read below to learn how to use a flash drive.

How To Increase Download Speed

Tired of your slow PC and wish you could think of ways to increase its download speed? If yes, navigate your way through this piece and know more on how to increase download speed effectively.

How To Install Linux Mint

Installing the operating system Linux Mint has now become easier! Download this version now by reading some of the steps involved in installing Linux Mint.

What To Do When Phone Gets Wet

Don’t start to go haywire if your cell phone ends up under water. Read this article about what to do when your phone gets wet. Be the life saver for your precious gadget and bring it back to life.

How To Save Text Messages

Are you stuck at something quite simple like ‘How to save text messages’ and are just uncomfortable to ask? Chill! Here’s a guide that provides you steps and ways of saving text messages.

How To Connect Computer To TV

Do you want to know how to connect your computer to your TV? If yes, explore this article to learn the different ways by which you can connect a computer to a TV.

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