If you thought that the only difference between netbooks and notebooks was about the size, you were probably wrong! Read on to know more on netbook vs. notebooks.

Netbooks Vs Notebooks

One of the biggest dichotomies to have surfaced in the recent times that have left the gadget geeks and gizmo freaks divided on what offers the best portable computing experience is possibly the waging debate on netbooks and notebooks. It is surprising but true! The ever-expanding laptop technology has left buyers with more choices than ever, but little idea on what to expect from the evolving trend. People wanting to upgrade their ageing laptop are still on the fence on whether to go for the savvier athletic notebook or the more compact suave netbook. Today, buyers are more game for snazzy gizmos that are thin, light, ultraportable and purely functional. While netbook has clearly emerged as the show-stealer in the recent times, many people have faced a rude shock to find that this portable gadget didn’t live up to their computing needs. Finding that one gadget that satiates all your computing needs is easier only if you are well-versed with what the gadget has to offer. Before you camp for either netbook or notebook, discovering the basic difference between the two ruling gadgets will help you make your pick. Read on to know more on this.
Difference Between Netbooks And Notebooks
  • When it comes to hashing out on the pros and cons of netbooks and notebooks, netbooks definitely enjoys an upper hand when talking of size. Small, compact and light, netbooks are a real rage because of their pocket-sized appeal. With a screen size of 11’’ or less and half the weight of notebooks, netbooks are the idle bet for gadget freaks, looking for portability.
  • Netbooks also enjoys an edge over notebooks when it comes to considering their battery life. Netbooks consume less power and last much longer than notebooks. Absence of optical drive and smaller screen enhances their battery life, making netbooks a sure winner in terms of battery and power consumption.
  • Netbook is touted as more of a net friendly gadget, specifically designed for web browsing and basic data processing than anything else and comes with a comparative low speed processor than notebooks. Netbook offers a hard drive space of only 160 GB and has relatively less RAM than its medium sized counterpart.
  • For those who thought that netbooks were best for watching films, games or other multimedia purpose, you will be disheartened to know that the portable gadget is not equipped for such applications. For better, heavier computing options, notebooks are the best bet any day. After all, what can match the speed and multitasking abilities of a notebook.
  • Talking of cost, netbooks are more conveniently priced than high end notebooks that make them hands down winner with the buyers. Cost is touted as the major USP of netbooks as opposed to notebooks that though boast of multitasking features, come with a high price tag too.
  • Netbooks are much more user-friendly, cost-effective and easy to connect and carry than the high-end, pricey and heavy notebooks. Nevertheless, when it comes to high multitasking demands and heavy computing needs, notebooks are the all-time winner. 

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