Check out how to get rid of dust from CPU.

How To Get Rid Of Dust From CPU

Gone are those days when children were said to have born with silver spoons in their mouth. Today instead of the silver spoon they are born with a laptop in the hand and that shows the pace of the world.. Though people seem to eat, drink and sleep computers, not many are bothered to take the onus of cleaning it, as fortunately or unfortunately scientists made the Central Processing Unit well fitted in a case. You wouldn’t have any clue about the sudden inefficiency or low speed of your computer. Beware! Your computer is all set for an untimely death leaving you bereaved only and only because of your state of nonchalance towards your computer. So just wake up and get your CPU which is considered the heart and soul of the computer to be dirt free. Let it not be the playhouse of unidentifiable germs and dirt that can withhold its proper functioning. If you are seriously concerned and have oodles of patience, get rid of the dirt from your CPU with the tips given below.
Getting Rid Of Dirt From CPU
So if you are all set to get down becoming dirty, start your work right away.
  • While working on any electronic equipment remember to switch the power off. Other than that, take off all the chords that are connected to it but be sure of which wire was connected to which plug, because you do not want a clean CPU not to function because of the wrong wire connection!
  • Make sure that you have enough working area to clean the CPU. This not only makes the cleaning process easier but also helps keeping the parts separately without getting mixed up. Try to avoid cleaning on a carpeted floor as the chances of getting your computer troubled by static electricity are large there.
  • Slowly take the screws of the CPU case and keep the case aside keeping the screws in a secure place. For that you can take the help of a screwdriver. If you are not an expert avoid removing the screws attaching the mother board.
  • You can use a hand vacuum cleaner to clean the interiors especially the fans vents and the interior of the case. Keep it away from mother board or hard disks and remember while cleaning not to keep the vacuum cleaner too close to the components inside.
  • You can use compressed air canisters to blow away the dust if vacuum is impossible. But again like in the above mentioned process, try not to make it too hard on the other components. You can also try this method as an additional clean up after the vacuuming.
  • You can even try a computer cleaning fluid for cleaning up the inner parts of your computer except for the sensitive components.
  • Once the cleaning is over screw the case back on the computer and then connect the necessary cables on to the CPU. Connect the CPU to the computer and power it on. Check if the computer is functioning and if yes you can be proud of doing a job well.
  • You can clean your CPU at least two times a year for its long run. 
Dust Prevention Measures
  • Keep your computer always on top of a desk or a table.
  • A second fan installed can help prevent your computer getting dirty inside.
  • Keep your computer in a well ventilated area helping the air to circulate properly.

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