Analog and digital are the basic two types of watches. Read the article given below to know more on analog and digital watches.

Analog And Digital Watches

After fire and wheel, watches can be considered to be the most significant invention of man. Without watches, it would have been unclear in which direction the further development of man would have progressed. From the time of their inception, watches became almost a necessity for the smooth transaction of the day-to-day activities. Keeping track of time, with or without following it, became a favorite pastime. From the earliest timepieces to the now complex machines, watches have come a long way. This pace was set by the analog watches, whose style and design evolved, with the advancement in technology. In the 1970s, when digital watches first came into existence, they were an instant hit. This is because unlike the analog watches, in digital watches you just have to see the time, instead of figuring it out through the hour, minute and second hands. As of now, the digital technology has a wider usage. Read the article given below to learn the various differences between analog and digital watches.
Differences Between Analog And Digital Watches 
  • Analog watches are the traditional watches, in which a series of numerals indicate the time. The watches also have two to three ‘hands’ that rotate to specify the time. Digital watches on the other hand use a series of digits to indicate the time. There are no rotating hands in a digital watch.
  • In analog watches, the time intervals are measured in roman numerals or numbers. In digital watches, the exact time is displayed as numbers.
  • In analog watches, the numbers are arranged in a circular disc and the rotating hands point to the numbers to indicate time. In digital watches, the time is displayed as digits like 4: 30 AM or 5:20 PM.
  • The rotating hands of analog watches are of different length. They also rotate at different speeds. There is the hour hand to indicate the hour, a minute hand to indicate the minute and a second hand to indicate the second. In digital watches, the digits indicate the hour, minute and second like, 10:40:23.
  • The designs of analog watches are very simple. However, there are some complex designs of the dial and hands. In this respect, the designs of digital watches are very complex.
  • Analog watches are fairly cheaper than digital ones.
  • Analog watches are also simple and easy to use.
  • Digital watches use complex technology. Some digital watch designs have added facilities like calculator, compass and GPS. In some designs, there are facilities to download and upload data from the computer. The price of the digital watches depends on the number and quality of the features it incorporates.
  • Digital watches are also more accurate in the calculation of time. They can display the seconds in minute detail. That is why they are widely used by people who need to measure time to the minute detail.

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