Add to your presentation with a green laser pointer and make a fine impression. For that, buying the best pointer is essential. Explore tips on how to choose green laser pointers.

How To Choose Green Laser Pointers

Till a few years ago, laser light technology was the exclusive domain of the technological shrinks. Today, the word laser concocts images of powerful beams of light, destroying everything that they touch. The ‘Star War’ scenario, where different planets go to war throwing laser beams at each other, is not far from the mind as well. With the advancement in technology, laser has been brought down from its high tech pedestal. What was once a technological marvel can be now accessed even by those who had no inkling of what a laser light is. Nowadays, laser light devices can be found in almost all stationary, gift, and hobby shops. Their most common use is as pointers, in classrooms and board meetings. Astronomers also use this powerful beam to point stars. The most widely used colors in such pointers are green and red. Are you planning to add weight to your presentation, by using green laser pointers? If yes, then go through the lines that follow and explore tips on how to choose green laser pointers. 

Buying The Best Green Laser Pointer
  • High-powered green laser pointers are categorized by power, which is measured in mili watts (mW). Another measurement used is wavelength. Power is the most important feature of a laser pointer. The more power a pointer has, the more expensive it will be. It is important to select the power of the pointer according to your uses.
  • For teachers, professors and people who give presentations on a regular basis, a laser pointer is something that is required for everyday use. Such people should select a green laser pointer that has the power of about 5mW. On the other hand, it is better not to go above 20mW for work that involves only pointing. A 20mW power pointer is best for an auditorium, while a 5mW pointer can be effectively used in a classroom.
  • It is always better not to buy your laser pointer from online sites and auctions, as the power advertised therein will most often be fake. In case you still want to go online, stick to the trusted sites only.
  • You can go for visible beam green laser pointers as well. Such laser pointers come in the power range of 20mW to 80mW. During daytime, the laser beam is not visible, though it is very bright. Instead, you can just see a bright end dot. The brightness of the laser beam is directly related to the price. If you are looking only for a bright beam, choose a pointer in the range of 40 to 60mW, which is also prized moderately.
  • If you want a green laser pointer to burn or melt something, its power should be above 100mW. The more power a pointer has, the faster it will burn and melt. Nowadays, you can buy green laser pointers with power more than 500mW as well, but they can be very expensive.
  • While choosing green laser pointers, check and make sure that it has an infrared filter to remove the damaging radiation, when in use.
  • Do find out whether the focusing lens of the pointer is plastic or glass. Always go for glass ones, as plastic deteriorates with time and clouds the laser beam.
  • Ask for the warranty, so that you would be able to get it replaced, in case of early damage. A six-month warranty is a reasonable time.
  • You should also check the battery type of the laser pointer. Go for the AA batteries, as they are less expensive and readily available.
  • As for the switch, a push button will allow you greater control as against a sliding one, so it is better to select the former.

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