Buying an eReader isn’t an easy bet and it helps to know a little about the gadget before you make your pick. Read on to know about the things to consider before buying an eReader for reading eBooks.

How To Choose An eReader For Reading eBooks

The latest add-on to the ever expanding wad of hi-tech cool gadgets is the super cool, super savvy eReader. Touted as the ‘in’ thing to storm the reader’s forum now, this sleek portable digital reader is indeed making waves with the modern-day bibliophiles. The groundbreaking concept of eBooks has catapulted the delight of reading to a different level altogether, leaving the reader with the sheer convenience of reading their preferred book anywhere, anytime. Today, the market is amuck with tons of brand names, each boasting of its own savvy features and stylish looks. With multitudes of brands hoarding the shelves and little understanding to go by, the challenge of choosing an eReader has become a little more difficult, as it is with all other gadgets. Just take a quick check through the tips before you make your pick.
Things To Consider Before Buying An eBook Reader
Bet On The Battery!
With slews of portable digital eBook readers making a splash in the market shelves now, finding the right pick has indeed become a tough bet. However, a little thought into your buy can leave you with a gizmo for a lifetime. Before you make your pick, pause to consider the battery life of the eReader. See that the eReader you bargain for gives you at least a week’s battery life or lasts several thousand page flips. Also, it would make sense to avoid a player with backlit display, as it tends to consume more energy than the general ones.
The More Memory, The Merrier!
Most eBook readers come with inbuilt memory, while others boasts of expandable memory that allows you to store thousands of eBooks by inserting a memory card. So while making your pick, check out for the storage capacity of the eReader. If you are a true blue bibliophile, you wouldn’t love to compromise on the memory for sure.
The Bigger The Better!
Size matters, more so when you wouldn’t like to squint your eye to figure out every other word on your eReader! Thus, the bigger the display screen, the better it is! Nevertheless, a supersize display screen will just add to the bulk of your portable digital reader. If you are game for a sleeker looking eReader, going for the ones that boasts of adjustable on-screen text sizes will help.
Easy To Handle!
Gizmos are meant to be handy and non-fussy. It would do you good to look for maximum features with extra attention on the navigation keys that would help you to flip your page in just a snap. The navigation control should be easy to use and should allow you maximum scope for fiddling with features.
A Style Statement!
Today’s gadgets have come to mean little more than just utility items. Nothing looks more appealing to the eyes than a hi-tech portable gadget that comes loaded with dozens of features, all packed in a super sleek, pocket-sized mini gadget avatar. Portable eReaders are meant to be easy, handy and extremely stylish. So, when betting on a particular brand of eReader, take care to pick one that not only boasts of a great interface, but also makes a style statement.
High On Format!
One of the most crucial things to consider before you make your buy is to check out the format support of your eReader. While most eBook readers come in PDF format, there are few others that come with special formats. Thus, the more formats your reader will support, the easier it will be for you. Look out for eReader that supports ePUB format too that would allow you to download maximum number of files from the internet. Also, check to see if your eReader comes with Wi-Fi that would give you access to wireless connection, no matter where you are.
What’s The Price?
With so many brands of eReaders betting high on looks, style and function, it becomes important to choose your brand wisely. Also, in today’s flailing economy, every penny you pay counts! Make sure that your eReader is worth every penny you pay, and even more. It is better to go with a pricey eReader that allows you access to modestly priced books than the cheaper ones that gives you no such freedom to bank on.

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