With so much variety available in the market, the onus of choosing the right microwave oven is entirely on you. Read on to explore useful tips on how to choose a microwave that best suits your needs.

How To Choose A Microwave

When Percy Spencer invented microwave oven accidently, he did not have any clue of the favor he was doing to the womenfolk. Once considered the trademark of snobbish people, microwave has emerged to be one of the best friends of a woman, in the recent times. It has given a very important gift to women - the convenience of time and use. A microwave is versatile and you can cook almost everything in it, that too within no time. In fact, when you decide to buy a microwave, it is one of the best favors you can do to yourself and your kitchen. However, with hundreds of brands and thousands of models available in the market, getting the right microwave oven is like finding a needle from a haystack. Fret not! Given below are some tips, which will help you know how to choose a microwave. Just read on and know what you need to keep in mind before buying a microwave. Happy hunting!
Choosing The Right Microwave Oven
Choose The Functions
Narrowing on a microwave function totally depends on the activities that you plan to use it for. For instance, if you want to buy a microwave just for heating coffee or readymade meals, then you may well be satisfied with a less functional one. However, if you plan to cook meals in it, it would need to have more than the basic functions. Whatever microwave you buy, make sure that it is worth the money you spend on it.
Zero In On The Size
Zero in on the size, keeping in mind your kitchen size and the place where you want to keep the microwave. An extremely big microwave in a small kitchen will not only cost you more, but also make your kitchen look ugly. Therefore, before buying a microwave, measure the width and length of the available space. Along with that, a microwave should be able to fit in your favorite food as well. Therefore, decide on the right size, according to your preference and need as well as available space.
Keep Budget In Mind
Before you decide on a particular model for your microwave oven, you need to keep in mind the overall budget. Keep an estimate in your mind, which you can easily spend on the appliance. This will not only help you stick to your budget, but also help in narrowing down on the best model within your range. Moreover, it will make the shopping process easier and faster.
Explore The Features
While choosing the microwave, keep your needs in mind, as to whether you just want a microwave or would prefer to go for a microwave with grill and convention. Apart from that, ensure that your microwave is installed with turntable plate, convection cooking, melt mode, and the like. If money is not a constraint to you, you can go for a microwave with sensor.
Ensure Ease Of Handling
The controls should be large enough to be seen and the setting sequence should be straightforward and logical. Ovens with manual control are uncomplicated, as they have fewer features. Microwaves with electronic controls have more options and if you can handle it well, it is better to go for it. The display should be large and clear, with logical information. Go for auto programmer, if you lack in time.
Check For Easy Clean Up
Your microwave should be easy to clean. There should be bright interior light and the racks should be easy to put in and take out. The surface shouldn’t be slippery and the grip on the handle should be easy to hold. The doors should open to at least 130 degree, to allow proper cleaning. In addition, the turntable should be light enough to handle and clean. The microwave should not scratch easily on the surface and should not catch dirt easily. There should be vents to release the heat and moisture.
Know Electricity Consumption
Always check the electricity consumption of a microwave oven, before you consider buying it. Two similar microwaves may have different amounts of electricity consumption. Ask the supplier about the energy consumption of different microwave oven and go with the one that is energy efficient. You can even check online reviews and compare different models by surfing the internet.

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