With a wide variety of mobile phones available in the market, we are often spoilt for choice and forget our priorities. Here’s how to choose just the right mobile phone for all your needs.

How To Choose A Mobile Phone To Meet All Your Needs

In the age of technology, we are often spoilt for choice, especially when it comes to cellular phones. There are just so many of them to choose from that we often forget what our priorities are. We often get mixed up much before we even get to the store, become blinded by the pace at which technology is progressing and come back with a phone only to realize that we have made a fool of ourselves – either the phone does not have enough memory, or it gives too less battery backup, or its camera only takes hazy pictures that are full of noise. There is only one option to this problem – to know exactly what our needs are, much before we go to the store. You will need to correctly estimate your needs, demands and preferences, as regards a phone. Here are some pointers that you could think in the lines of when choosing your phone.
Considerations When Choosing A Mobile Phone
The kind of mobile phone you choose will largely depend on what you will be using it for, apart from talking and sending messages – like taking pictures, listening to music, using it to exchange files et al.
Here are some pointers that you might want to consider while buying a phone to meet all your needs

A Basic Phone
If you need a phone only to talk and send messages with, here are some things that you may consider:
  • You must get to know the kind of battery that the mobile phone comes with and how long it lasts at a stretch, without being charged.
  • It should be lightweight and compact, the keypad should be user friendly and the screen should be large enough for you to see it all.
  • The phone memory should be large enough to store a fairly large number of phone numbers and all your important messages.
A Phone For Music
Phones nowadays provide music players and FM radio facilities. If you are looking for a phone with good music features, you might want to consider these points
  •  It is best for the phone to have a standard audio-jack, a one-size-fits-all jack that will connect any kind of headphone on to it. This jack should be preferably be at the top of the phone so that, if you need to keep it inside your pocket while you travel, it isn’t too inconvenient.
  • Its speakers should be of good quality and should look compact and elegant.
  • Music player in your phone should be equipped with extensive options like programmable playlists and music organizing functions.
  • The FM radio option of the phone should be able to scan FM channels automatically and be able to save them.
  • The internal memory or even the external one, that can be altered, should be large enough to support the number of songs that you might want to store in your phone
Click With The Phone
If the primary feature you are looking for in a phone is its camera, then these are the pointers that you will have to think in terms of:
  •  Depending on its price, it should offer reasonably good megapixel value – about three to five megapixels for a phone priced less than ten thousand rupees and more than five for those priced higher.
  • A built in LED (light emitting diode) flash along with it, is a feature that would add to the overall functionality of the camera of that phone, by making videography easier. A Xenon flash would made still photography better.
  • The camera lens needs to be autofocus for a basic one and, if the phone is priced higher than ten thousand rupees, it should have a face recognition feature too.
  • A large and expandable memory will help you store more pictures.
Business Phones
Business phones, or QWERTY’s as they are called, are specialized phones that offer a very wide variety of advanced and sophisticated features that help organize business better. Here are some features a good business phone would normally possess:
  • A good business phone has a fast operating system with multi tasking support
  •  The internet connectivity features of the phone should be very advanbced – the phone should be equipped with a good range of connectivity options including WiFi, 3G, GPRS, and EDGE.
  • A dependable email support for a variety of protocols and formats is another non negotiable area.

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