Drying out a wet mobile phone can help you save it from being damaged beyond repair. Read on to know how do you dry out a cell phone.

How Do You Dry Out A Cell Phone

Cell phone has become an important part of our everyday life. In fact, its use has increased to such an extent that now-a-days, it is difficult to even imagine a life without cell phones. With the rise in the usage of mobile phones, the chances of accidents like dropping your phone on the floor or in the water have increased. For most of the people, getting their mobile phone wet means buying a new one. However, it is possible for you to save your wet cell phone from being damaged beyond repair. How will you that? Simple, by following the information provided below. In the following lines, we have listed a number of tips to help you in drying out a wet mobile phone.
Drying Out A Wet Mobile Phone
Initial Steps 
  • The first step will comprise of getting your phone out of water. Even though there is a plastic frame covering your cell phone, the water can seep-in within a matter of seconds. So, as soon as you drop your cell phone in water, take it out.
  • After getting your phone out of water, remove its battery. It is the second most important step. This is because battery represents electricity and water and electricity and do not mix. By removing the battery of your phone, you will be able to save many of its vital circuits.
  • If you phone is a GSM one, it is now the time to remove its SIM card. Though the latter has chances of surviving water impact, it is necessary to take a few steps, so as to ensure that any data saved in it is not lost. Don't subject it to heat, rather just pat it dry, with a paper towel, and leave in a dry, cool place.
  • The next step will comprise of removing water from your phone. First of all, shake the cell phone vigorously, without dropping it. Thereafter, use a towel or paper towel to remove as much water as you can. Dry the excess moisture by hand.
  • Remove all the covers and external connectors in the phone. The main aim behind this step is to open up as many gaps, slots, and crevices in the phone as possible. This will help dry out the water from every nook and corner.
Further Steps
You can use any or all of the below-mentioned steps for removing the moisture inside the cell phone, a result of water seeping inside it: 
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to force out the moisture from your wet cell phone. Hold the vacuum over all the accessible areas of your phone and keep it there for 20 minutes. However, make sure that you do not hold it too close to the phone or it might create static electricity and do further damage.
  • You can leave your cell phone in a bowl or bag of uncooked rice overnight. Rice is a good absorbent and will soak up all the moisture from your phone. If it is possible, cover you phone with desiccant, instead of rice, as the former absorbs moisture more effectively.
  • Put the phone in the refrigerator. The dry cold will draw out the moisture from the cell phone. However, do not make the mistake of putting it in the freezer. At the same time, make sure to keep the phone in the fridge for 30 minutes at a stretch and then take it out for 10 minutes. Repeat until the phone is dry.
  • One of the easiest and least bothersome methods is to keep the phone on top of a TV, or vent from a cable box or a device which emits a low heat. This will help dry out the moisture from the cell phone, at a slow pace, without damaging any of the vital circuits.
  • If your cell phone has fallen in water when you are outdoors, remove the battery, wipe away the water as much as you can and then, place it on the dashboard of your car. Thereafter, park your car at such a place where it gets plenty of sunlight. 
  • After you have followed the drying steps, keep your cell phone in an absorbent towel, napkin or other paper and check for moisture signs every hour, for 4 to 6 hours. If you feel that the phone is not completely devoid of moisture, repeat the steps mentioned above.
  • Give you cell phone three days for trying out various drying tricks. Thereafter, wipe it with a paper towel and re-attach the battery (which has been dried properly). If it doesn't work, try using a new battery. If still it refuses to work, it is the time to take it to an authorized dealer.

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