Cleaning your laptop is not a very big deal. All you have to do is to keep the basic tips in mind. With this article, you will get to know how to clean the laptop.

How To Clean The Laptop

All right, laptop is your BFF (best friend forever) and you carry it around wherever you go and simply can’t live without it. However, do you know that laptops tend to get much dirtier than its almost archaic counterpart, the desktops? If you know how many bacteria and viruses your laptop contains at any given time, if not cleaned properly, you will be amazed how you haven’t caught any infections yet. The dirt can even interfere with the smooth running of the laptop. Therefore, it is necessary that you keep your laptop clean and hygienic. Cleaning doesn’t just mean airing the laptop with a cloth. It is much more than that. You need to know the exact way of cleaning your laptop in order not to spoil it. Read on to know how to clean your laptop properly.
Cleaning Your Laptop
You’ll Need
You would need cotton swabs, a very soft cleaning cloth, a cleaning solution, and a soft brush. Instead of using any solution you can lay your hand on, use the one particularly made for cleaning laptops. Also never, in any case, use water for the purpose. This is because if you use water and start the laptop, it may hamper the latter's functioning. The cloth, the cotton swabs, and the brush should all be clean. It is advisable to wash the cloth and brush first, in an antiseptic solution and then rinse two three times with plain water. Rinse until the smell of the antiseptic almost fades.
How To Clean The Laptop
  • Spray a little cleaning solution on the cloth and then gently wipe the laptop with it. Make sure you cover all the areas.
  • With the brush, clean the edges and the keyboard.
  • If you are a computer expert and can take out the keys from the keyboards, then with the help of a knife or something similar, pop them out gently. Now, clean them with the cloth.
  • If you want to clean the keyboards with keys intact, then use a can of compressed air.
  • You can even clean the cooling vents and I/O parts of the laptop, with the help of a compressed air can. 
Some Tips
  • Turn off the laptop and remove all the attachment before starting the cleaning process.
  • In case of cleaning cloth, always go for a non-abrasive material, like cotton. Don’t wipe your laptop with tissues and use only lint free clothes.
  • Read the user manual thoroughly before you start cleaning the laptop. If you have pets, keep them away from the laptop.
  • For making a cleaning solution at home, mix isopropyl and water. However, it’s always better to go for the readymade solution, especially made for this purpose.
  • Clean the laptop on a regular basis. After cleaning, make sure everything is dry, before you switch on the laptop.
  • If you have to work in a dusty environment, buy a proper key board cover and wipe the laptop display after use. 
  • Never drink or eat while working on the laptop. It may get spilled and cause trouble.
  • Never spray the cleaning agent directly on the display, instead wipe it after spraying it on a cloth.
  • Never detach the keyboard keys, if you don’t know how to reattach them.
  • Never put pressure on laptop display and don’t use ammonia to clean it, as it will leave a film on it.

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