Messy computer cables can make your desk look bad, they are such a bother. Read on how to get rid of messy computer cables.

How To Get Rid Of Messy Computer Cables

Messy and tangled up computer cables are nothing but an eyesore, they gather dust easily, are difficult to clean and just ruin the look of your desk. You can have the best-looking table in the world, but if your computer is ridden with lots of messy cables, your table may not look all that good. What’s more, messy cables can indirectly cause damages to your computer too. Messy cables can make your office prone to accidents with people tripping all over them. Hot-swapping devices can be such a nuisance too. Now, how do you deal with your wiry mess? How do you get your computer cables to look neat and less messy? Well, it can be quite a task, but the ‘dream’ of untangled cables is definitely not unattainable. To clear the mess, read on how you can get rid of messy computer cables and get your desk to look so much better.
Tips To Get Rid Of Messy Computer Cables
  • Switch off the computer and disconnect the cables. That’s the first thing you should be doing to get rid of your messy computer cables. Trying to untangle your messy cables without disconnecting them or with the computer on can damage your computer or give you a bad shock. Make it a point to remove the cables carefully, some cables like the monitor cable have screws in place; unscrew the cables before you pull them off.
  • Clean the cables, chances are that your messy computer cables are covered with dust and dirt, get rid of it. A damp soft rag will do (not a one dripping with water). Wipe the cables with the damp rag and then proceed to wipe off the moisture with a dry rag. The damp rag should not make any contact with the ends of the cable.
  • Stretch your cables out, the only way to set stubborn, curled up cables right is to straighten them out. You’ve got to use some physical force here, use your muscles to stretch your cables out. You also don’t want to attempt to organize your cables without straightening them out first.
  • Organize your cables; it’s a must to do the same. To get yourself out of your ‘wiry’ mess you’ve got to determine how and where you plan to place your cables, randomness is not allowed, an approach of precision will help you arrive at a computer and desk that’s free of messy cables
  • Group your cables! Group your cables into bundles by tying them together with a twist cable and then proceed to connect them back to your computer; you can also use a cable management product to help you out.
  • When reconnecting the cables make it a point to plug each cable into the right port. If a cable does not fit into a port, do not force it into the port, it’s probably the wrong port for the cable. Check if all the cables are secure, cables that have not been fixed properly into their ports are a complete no-no; you also do not want to have cables that have not been tied into proper bundles. 
If you follow the above ‘strategies’ to get rid of your messy computer cables, you will get to work on a desk that looks neat and uncluttered. You’ve got to be regular and consistent to prevent the reoccurrence of cable disasters, but if you don’t want to deal with cables, you can always go wireless! There are wireless alternatives for the keyboard, mouse, speakers and networking devices, the choice is yours.

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