It is not easy task to connect a guitar to a computer and then play it on the computer; however, it is not that difficult too. Know how to connect a guitar to your computer here.

How To Connect Guitar To Your Computer

It all started after A.R. Rahman brought home an Oscar; every parent wants to see an A.R. Rahman nurtured in their family. Until then you gave a deaf ear to anything related with sound that came from your kid’s mouth. Everything has changed and it is a brand new world. Now Aerosmith and U2 are all just household names, you can’t ignore a piece of reverberating hard rock playing in your son’s room. You can find at least one of those heavy rock instruments in every home. Be it the guitar or the drums. There are quite a number of rock-stars who are coming up with great aspirations. Now kids are so obsessed with music that they make their own compositions at very young age itself. With the computer becoming the ‘jinnee’ of ‘Y-gen’, it wouldn’t be a wonder to see that even musical instruments can be now attached to a computer. When you are living in a world where nothing is impossible, recording the sound of your guitar in your PC is no more an ‘impossible’ task. You needn’t be computer savvy to connect your guitar to your PC. The pros and amateurs alike are making some real music through digital recording. All you need is some patience and oodles of talent and you can be the next ‘Rock star.’ Read on to know how to connect guitar to your computer.
Connecting Guitar To Your Computer 
Though it isn’t a Herculean task to connect a guitar to your PC, there are certain things that are to be taken into consideration while connecting a guitar to your PC. The quality of the sound produced depends on those factors. Usually, it is the kind of guitar computer interface, which affects the sound of the guitar through the computer. Learn here how to make quality sound by connecting a guitar to your computer. 

The first thing that you should take care of when you are connecting a guitar is a connector. It is the device used to convert the sound of the guitar for a PC. Guitars usually use cables that have 1/ 4” plug whereas most of the computer sound cards accept the 1/8” plug. At computer store there are several connectors available that can connect a 1/4” plug and a1/8”one. Take a female plug wherein the guitar cable can be connected and to it, male exit sound card can be connected. While you are connecting your guitar to the PC, make it a point that you connect it to a high impedance input. Though most computer sound cards come with high impedance inputs, these inputs might not be strong enough to get a good guitar signal in the long run, while recording guitar effects. Therefore, it is always suggested to have a high impedance input while you are plugging in a guitar as with low impedance there are chances of noise problems that can harness the perfect output that you are expecting. This problem can be solved by connecting the guitar to the line-in jack instead of the mic-in one with a help of a connector. 

A preamp is an important thing that needs to be noted by anyone who is attempting to connect the guitar to the computer. As the word signifies, a preamp is something that amplifies the signal so as to give your PC an extra boost, which is required when you are recording the sound of the guitar on the PC. The amplification happens before it goes to the plug-in as a result of which you can expect a clarified sound from the very beginning. There are quite a lot of external interfaces available to combine the sound card to the preamp. If you prefer a more elaborate set up for your sound recording, you can even go for an interface that is separate from a sound card. A number of standalone vintage preamps are available in the market that can not only boost your signal, but warm the sound as well. 

The next thing that you will require for the recording will be software to record the sound of the guitar. If you are planning, to start with free software you can go for audacity. This software will allow you to record and playback sound that came through a sound card. The process of using this software is very easy. There are plenty of options available when you are considering software. You can get software at various prices, like Cakewalk, which is yet another power packed software, usually used for editing tasks.  

Make sure that you don’t need to carry a heavy baggage for recording your guitar sound. Try to use very little instruments that would help you make some music even in a car when you are on a long journey. There are many ways to connect a guitar to your PC. As you go for more digitally clarified sound, you will have to shell extra bucks on that. Now, enjoy the soulful piece of music that you made!

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