Don’t start to go haywire if your cell phone ends up under water. Read this article about what to do when your phone gets wet. Be the life saver for your precious gadget and bring it back to life.

What To Do When Phone Gets Wet

Help! Help! Even though it was a silent plea, it seemed more piercing than the sound of a roaring jet. As if shaken to the very senses, you turn around and try to locate the drowning victim. There it laid, submerged in a vast water expanse, given up on all hopes. You stop your bike in the middle of the traffic, and without wasting even a second, you run straight towards the expanse to save the incapacitated victim. You splash and swash managing to pull out the victim to the shore. You hold it close to your heart and try to get the water out by pumping its chest. But it just doesn’t work. All sad and gloomy, you walk towards your bike with your beloved cell phone in your palms, cursing the speed-breaker all the while for had it not been for it, your cell phone would not have fallen off your pocket into a nearby puddle. All who own a cell phone have at least dropped it once into water or got it wet under torrential rain that came unannounced. Do you even vaguely remember what you ended up doing after it got wet? Well, chances are that you do remember but won’t like to bring the episode to surface, as you probably messed the whole thing up even more, because when it comes to a wet cell phone, most of us are caught unaware as to how to proceed and try all sorts of crazy things that aren’t any help. To put an end to all those loony acts, read further as to how to fix a wet cell phone.
How To Fix A Wet Cell Phone
Now this should come as a reflex, like dodging a bullet. You shouldn’t have to wait and think about what to do if you see your cell phone under water. Pull it out as soon as possible. In case caught in rain, try to go under a shed or wrap it in a plastic bag, if you have any by chance.
Okay, time for another reflex because sometimes the enemy may fire two bullets. Try removing the battery in the blink of an eye. Doing so will prevent the battery from any further damage from water. Keep it aside and allow it to dry naturally.
Now if you can master the third reflex in a row, we’ll call you Neo (Matrix). Quick, take the sim card out of the cell phone. Keep it safely aside and allow it to dry naturally.
Using tissue papers, soak as much water as possible out of the surface of your cell phone. A dry towel can also be used as a substitute for tissue papers, but as tissue papers are thinner, they work a little better than towels.
You’ll need a plastic bag and a few silica packs that you get with the electronic goods you purchase. Put the cell phone along with silica packs in the plastic bag and leave it like that for a day or two. The silica bags will absorb the moisture out of cell phone.
Make use of a vacuum cleaner if you have one. With the vacuum hose 4-5 inches away from the cell phone, turn it on. This will certainly suck the big droplets of water out of cell phone. Don’t shove the hose into your cell phone as there’s no way of fixing your cell phone if it gets damaged by a vacuum cleaner.
Leave the cell phone in a dry place and let nature do the rest. Don’t fiddle with it in between, trying to see if it’s working or not. Let it dry itself for a day or two.
Now, insert the battery and the sim into your cell phone and turn it on. If it works, you owe us a treat. If it doesn’t, take it to the authorized dealer of give yourself a treat by buying a new cell phone.
Do your cell phone a favor and follow these simple steps to fix a wet cell phone. It probably has more life left in it; lest you play a bad doctor’s role.

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