Tracing someone’s IP address becomes essential when you want to find out which computer has been sending you emails or blogs. With this article, learn how to find someone’s IP address.

How To Find Someone’s IP Address

Locating IP address of a person is not important unless you have been receiving irritating emails or someone is writing down unpleasant comments in your blog. While most of you would be aware of what an IP address is, but surely, there would be some who have absolute no idea about it. Internet protocol, or IP in short, is characterized by numbers and periods, which, when combined, give you a unique identification number. This number is given to your computer by your internet provider. IP addresses are categorized into two types, namely, dynamic or static. A dynamic IP address means that a new IP address would be assigned to your computer every time you connect your computer to the internet. Static IP address, on the other hand, is one that remains constant as long as you are using internet from the same internet provider. The moment you change your internet provider, your IP address changes as well. Now, if you are keen on locating the IP address of the person sending you messages that are keeping you troubled, here’s how you can track them down. Scroll through the following lines and find information that is useful to you.
Tracing Someone’s IP Address
Tracing IP Address on a Blog
Most of the blog and online journals provide you the facility of tracking the IP addresses of people who seem to be dicey and risky for you. Particularly, when you have been receiving continuous nasty comments or endless love messages, finding out the person behind such annoying situations becomes essentially important. Go to the setting or preference option under your blog account. You will notice an option stating about informing you the IP address of people commenting on your blog. Once this option has been checked in, you will be notified about a person making a comment in your blog through a small notice indicating that you are trying to track the IP address. If a visitor leaves a comment in your blog, you will be able to view the IP address of that person below his/her name or username.
Tracing IP Address in Gmail
If it’s a person in Gmail whom you wish to track down, then you probably will find this task easy and enjoying. All you need to do is log in to your account and open the message you wish to investigate. Reach to the place where date and time of the message are displayed. You will find an arrow on the right of the “reply” button. Click on the arrow and select “show original” from the dropdown menu. A new tab will open up on your screen with information about the sender and the message in HTML format. Locate the line beginning with “Received: from” in the first ten lines of the text. At the end of this line, you will notice numbers in brackets which is the IP address of the sender.
Tracing IP Address in Other Mail Programs
Just like Gmail, other mail programs follow the same procedure for finding the IP address of the sender, though with slight differences in some programs. Say for instance, in Yahoo, open the message you want to track and move to the extreme right bottom of the message that reads “select message encoding” with a dropdown menu. Next to this is a “full headers” link. Click on the link and you will be able to view a full header displaying “X-Originating-IP” showing the IP address of the sender. For Hotmail, open your account and click on the check box of the message to be decoded. Right click on the box and select “view message source” from the pop-up menu. Similar to Gmail, locate the “Received: from” line and you will find the sender’s IP address at the end of the line in brackets.
Tracing when More Than One IP Addresses are Listed
If you find more than one IP addresses listed under the message, the message is likely to be routed before it reached your inbox. In such a case, you can locate the original sender’s IP address by the address listed at the end of all the IP addresses.
Now that you know how to track anyone’s IP address, you can catch that person red-handed and stop any messages from being received further. Good luck!

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