Good movies or good music can be best enjoyed only in a home theater. Read below to know how to set up a home theater.

How To Set Up Home Theater

The thrill and joy of watching movies and listening to music enters a new dimension when done so in a home theater. No wonder home theater systems are one of the most sought-after elements while equipping the house with gadgets. Anyone who can afford the set up of a home theater does not take time in buying one. This is because home theater is like a mini theater, complete with surround sound and high quality screen. But, unlike commercial theaters, it comes with an added advantage of listening and viewing what you want to and when you wish to. Thus, an increasing number of people are willing to fork out enormous amounts of money, just to get a home theater. However, for those who cannot afford, this doesn’t mean that home theaters should lie in the realm of dreams for most people. This article will show you how, with a few components and a little expense, you can build a basic home theater. It won’t be inferior in any way and if you have a sparse room for this purpose then you won’t feel anything is amiss. Read this article further to know more on how you can set up a home theater.

Setting Up A Home Theater

The basic setup of a home theater system includes the following:
  • Home Theater Receiver
  • Television or Video Projector (and screen)
  • DVD Recorder and/or VCR
  • CD or DVD/CD Player
  • Loudspeakers
  • Subwoofer
  • All connection cables and speaker wire
  • A Sound Meter
Setting Up
  • First connect the satellite or cable to your DVD recorder. Then connect it to the television. This will help you to receive broadcast from your service provider.
  • Now the audio and video outputs from your DVD recorder should be connected to the AV receivers input. And the AV receiver’s audio and video outputs should be connected to the inputs of your DVD recorder.
  • Take the video outputs of the DVD player and connect it to the video inputs of the AV receiver. Also, connect the digital optical audio connection of the player to the AV receiver.
  • If you have only a CD player, then connect it to the AV receiver with the player’s analog or digital audio outputs. To connect CD recorder to the AV receiver, you should use the audio tape record/playback input/output loop connections.
  • Now connect the AV receivers' TV monitor output to a video input of the television.
  • If your television has audio outputs, then you should connect them to the Aux audio inputs of the AV receiver.
  • Connect all the speakers to the AV receiver. Make sure that the speakers are connected to all the correct channels. There are five channel systems - center, front left, front right, rear left, and rear right.
  • After connecting the speakers you should connect the subwoofer line output of the AV receiver to the subwoofer. Then position the loudspeakers.
Speaker Placements
  • Place the front center channel speaker above or below the television.
  • To the left and right of the TV, place the subwoofers.
  • Put the left and right main speakers at an equal distance from the central speaker. These speakers should also be placed at a 30° angle from the center channel.
  • You can place the surround speakers in elevated position or to the left and right side of the listening position. 

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