Blogging is a fun activity which can help your piggy bank get fatter. Read this article to open your own blog.

How To Start A Blog

So are you tired of sharing your secret diary to yourself? Of course, we always do need to maintain a certain level of privacy with our personal anecdotes and feelings. However, there is nothing wrong in broadcasting our views, opinions and beliefs to the rest of the world. It is through feedback and appreciation that we re-introspect and discover how the world sees us. Be it poetry or creative story writing, we never know who is gaping in awe. The faculty of internet is slowly changing lives and blogging is rapidly gaining momentum too. A major plus point is that blogs are absolutely free and it’s open for just about anybody! To top it off, bloggers can even earn 5 digit incomes by simply updating their blogs regularly and garnering several blog followers. The subject matter may be personal, political or fictional! As long as it attracts viewers, it’s bound to be a winner! Sail through the guidelines given below and be a proud blogger!

Starting A Blog
  • We all have a wide range of blogging providers to choose from. Among the clutter, ‘Blogger’ or ‘Blogspot’, 'Wordpress', 'Livejournal' and 'Xanga' are some of the best. Blogger is generally the most trusted as it is owned by Google and more importantly the task of adding Google Adsense onto your blog is made easier.
  • Always decide what you want to blog about and create a niche which will attract a large portion of the world’s population. As you develop your writing skills, you will also bag a few good fans in the long run.
  • Just like when you create an e-mail account, you will be asked to enter some information about yourself like your name, date of birth and e-mail ID. Set a username and password that will sign you into your blogging dashboard directly.
  • Later, you will have to design and personalize the appearance of this blog. There will be a wide variety of templates and themes from which you could choose from and the blog can hence reflect your personality in terms of appearance.
  • If you are uncomfortable with proclaiming your thoughts and opinions to the whole world, you always have the option to privatize.
  • To spice up the blog, there are some blogging freebies that you might like to use such as images, buttons, imoods, tagboards and blog chalks.
  • The last stage entails you to give your blog a title that stands out and to assign a unique URL that will help you set your blog page apart from all those million other blogs scattered around the net. Blog away and spread the word!
  • Looking to make a few extra bucks? Who isn’t? Since every webpage on the net has over a thousand visitors, yours might too! Several advertisers are willing to pay blog creators that allow advertisements to decorate their pages ! With the concept of pay-per-click advertising, a blog creator can inflate his bank account by merely sitting on his comfortable computer chair at home and typing effortlessly. Set up a Google Adsense on your blog and activate affiliate marketing programs or site monetization programs on your blog to start making some cash!
  • Follow other people’s blogs and chances that they will follow yours are high! Keep expanding your network and build up on the income earned from the “clicking”. Try and respond to all the comments that are posted on your blog.
  • Learn about basic HTML tags. This immediately enables you to improve the appearance of your blog by a long shot.
  • We are hoodwinked into believing that owning our own blog is free. When you open a blog with a free blogging service, you fail to notice that you don’t have your own domain. A URL like isn’t actually Patsy’s own blog as she has no control over the site! However, you can host your own blog using Wordpress free Blog Software. Check online for further details.

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