By following a few steps, you can send images to a mobile phone, without much hassles. To find out how to send pictures to cell phone, browse through this article.

How To Send Pictures To Cell Phone

In this digital information age, all lengthy and time-consuming processes have been reduced to the touch of a button. You do not have to meet a person to talk to him. You can enjoy video chatting by simply logging into your email. You can watch movies at home by slipping in a CD into the driver rather than buying a ticket every time a movie releases. Digital cameras have simplified your task of developing numerous copies of any snap you like rather than visiting a photo developing studio to get a photo film developed. Similarly, you do not have to scroll through a photo album or computer to view your favorite snaps clicked on your last holiday. You can very well enjoy viewing them on your mobile as well. The process is easy and simple. To find out how to do it, scroll through the lines below.
Sending Images To A Mobile
USB Cable Method
If your cell phone accessories came along with a USB cable, attach your mobile phone’s output into the computer’s USB input port. The computer will instantly recognize the cell phone. You can now transfer the images from the computer by pasting them directly into the memory of your cell phone. Or you can download images from the internet and transfer them to the phone in the same manner. For those who do not have or misplaced a USB cable, the other tenchiques might be of help. 
Bluetooth Method
Alternatively, you can use the Bluetooth method if both the computer and cell phone are installed with Bluetooth capability. If your PC does not have Bluetooth pre-installed on it, purchase a USB Bluetooth adapter and install it. Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your cell phone and activate detection mode. Press ‘Search for new device’ option on your PC to start the process. Once your cell phone has been detected, you can send pictures from the computer to your mobile. Your cell phone will seek your permission for accepting information from the computer. Accept and let the pictures transfer. You can use the Bluetooth method to transfer pictures from one mobile to the other also.
MMS Method
Sending pictures through multimedia message service, or MMS, is another way to get images on your cell phone. To avail this service, both the sender’s cell phone and the receiver’s cell phone should have this facility installed. To receive images through MMS, you should activate certain settings after which you can begin the sending process. Select the picture you want to send and hit the option ‘Send as a picture message’ and type in the number you want to send the picture to. Hit the ‘Send’ button and the image will be sent to the respective cell phone. The sender will be charged a certain amount for multimedia messages as per the service provider.
Infrared Method
You can send images from one cell phone to the other by using the infrared service. To take advantage of this facility, both mobile phones should have the infrared service. To transfer a picture, the service should be switched on in both sending and receiving phones and placed close to each other. Select the image and click on the option ‘Send via Infrared’. For people who find sending images through MMS expensive, infrared offers the same facility free of cost.
There you go. Sending pictures to a cell phone was never so easy, right! Enjoy selecting your memorable images and save them on your mobile. Good luck!

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