Are you planning to upgrade the sound system in your car? If yes, then you must first be wondering how to remove the old one? Read on to know the steps for removing a car stereo.

How To Remove Car Stereo

Can you think of a long drive without music or freaking out at night in your brand new sedan, with a bunch of school friends, but without peppy numbers? No, isn’t it. Car and music have become synonymous to each other and a four-wheeler without music is something really unattractive in present times. However, the stereos that come with the car are not so effective or do not give out loud music. As such, many people opt for a new music system that boasts of a great sound effect. In case you are also one amongst those thinking to install an effective sound system in your car, you need to first remove the old stereo from the dash. Removing the head unit can cost you a big deal, if taken to a service station. The best way to deal with the situation would be to remove the stereo by yourself, without spending much. All you need is a multi-purpose screwdriver and a simple tool kit. This article provides you with few simple steps to remove a car stereo system, quite easily and within no time. 
Steps For Removing A Car Stereo
Removing An Unbolted Stereo
Remove The Battery
The first and foremost step in removing a stereo system from a car is to disconnect the stereo wires from the battery and if possible, to remove the battery as well. Removing the battery will help you keep away any short circuits or shocks, while dealing with the stereo. Once the battery is removed, the stereo can be removed easily.
Stereo Trim
Most of the car stereos have a plastic trim covering that goes over the head of the system. This plastic frame fits tightly around the stereo. The trim snaps into the place tightly and is held in the position by small plastic clips. To remove these clips, you need to be very careful, especially if you want to reinstall the trim. You can buy a special tool to remove the clips and take out the trim or can. Simply use a flat screwdriver to gently work the trim loose, so that it can be removed easily, without any damage or cracks.
Spring Clip Mounting
Spring clips are used in most of the cars to hold back the stereo to its position. There are generally 4 clips that hold back the stereo safely. A DIN tool might be an apt device for the purpose of removing the spring clips safely. Insert the DIN carefully on the side of the stereo. Once the tool is inserted properly, push the stereo outwards. The stereo will slowly slide out with a noise. Once you pull out the stereo out of the bracket, you can unplug the antenna coax. Using a screwdriver, you can remove the wire harness to lift up the clips and unplug the harness. 

Removing A Bolted Stereo
In few cars, the stereos are bolted to the dashboard, making it little difficult to remove. However, even in such a case, there is no requirement of any special tool to remove the stereo. A little variation, in the method of removing the stereo bolted to the dash, is all you need to adhere to. You will have to definitely remove few trim pieces to reach the screws or bolts that are holding the stereo. Here are few easy steps to remove a bolted stereo:

  • Remove the trim pieces that surround the stereo. This is mainly done to reach the bolts holding the stereo to the dashboard.
  • Remember, trims always come with hidden clips, which need to be firmly pulled. The trims need to be removed from the clips, but one should be careful so that no clips are lost. You can buy trim removal tools to get some help in removing the clips without getting the trim plastic damaged.
  • Once the trims are removed, the next step will be to remove the screws or bolts holding the stereo in place. Once the bolts are loosened, the unit will slide out from the dash.
  • Next step is to disconnect the electrical connectors at the back of the stereo. The antenna cable has to be unscrewed before unplugging the electrical connectors. The power connector is usually towards the passenger seat.
  • Finally, the wiring harness can be removed from the back of the stereo. Once the plastic wire harness connector is removed, the stereo will come in your hand.

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