If you wish to keep your school-going, kids from constantly troubling you with the rant of “I am bored!” then read on to know some games that kids can play in a group.

Group Games For Kids

It is never easy to keep children occupied and out of your comfort space. Their attention span is too short and they constantly need something to interest them. Forgive the nostalgia, but in our days, we were so busy playing games outside the house, running around or playing games like ‘name-place-animal-thing’ that tested our intellectual potential. Nowadays, all that children play is Nintendo, play stations or a variety of those virtual games that end up making them more violent and aggressive. They too get bored of playing traditional games like cricket, football, or badminton and thus should be provided with a change. Here are some games that kids can play in group.
Group Games For Children
This game needs at least six children or more. After you have divided the children into two teams, make one team as the snakes who live in the gutter and make them stand in a line with wide enough space between them. The rest of the kids stand facing these snakes and when the adult or the child referee shouts “Snake-in-the-gutter”, all the kids run between the snakes without being tagged. Those who get tagged will also turn into snakes and will have to remain in the gutter. The last person to turns into a snake is the winner and will be rewarded.
Tag Chain
This game has been played for many decades. It involves the tagger or the ‘it’ to tag a player, who will then hold the tagger’s hands and run about tagging other people. Now, both of them need to stay together and run in the same direction to tag other people. This is an excellent game for teaching a child the importance of unity and teamwork.
This game is well known and is very common among children. A closed fist represents a rock, the index and middle finger sticking out of a fist is a scissors and an open palm is a paper.
  • Rock can defeat the scissors; it cannot be cut by it.
  • Scissors defeats the paper; it can cut it
  • Paper defeats rock; it can cover it
Now ask the kids to come forward in groups of two with one hand behind their backs and say “Rock, Paper, Scissors” in chorus, at the end of which each child sticks out his hand in one of the three positions – the rock, paper or scissors. Remember the above order of who defeats whom and play the game.
Treasure Hunt
This game, often played indoors on a rainy day, can really force children into thinking. Hide small objects, which can easily be wrapped in a mist of words all around the house or, at best the garden as well. Leave clues for the children, which can help them, find it. If you have a good sense of rhyme and poetry, you could write down the clues in the form of couplets so that the children put an extra amount of thought to it.
Word Chain
This game can be played by young as well as slightly older kids of twelve years or more. You, as the adult referee could begin by giving the children an alphabet. The rest of them will utter the following alphabet – each child will utter only one alphabet. The child on whom the word ends or who has to utter the last alphabet in the word has to start the new word. The aim for each child is to prevent the word from ending on him/her. This game will test how varied a child’s vocabulary is. The words formed by them should not be proper nouns, foreign words, or words ending with ‘ing’ or ‘ed’.

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