Often, childhood pictures come alive in our memories - playing games & having fun. Why not try having fun in the present as well? Explore some easy group games for adults & go back to your childhood.

Group Games For Adults

It has been rightly said by someone, “you are never too old for games”. Age should definitely not be a barrier for playing and having fun. In fact, be a child or an adult, games bring in a thrill for everyone. As adults, almost all of us miss our childhood the most. Those carefree and joyful days are never going to come back, but we can always have almost the same amount of fun with our friends, as we used to have when we were young. Thinking how? Simple - by playing adult group games! There are many group games for adults that are designed to make you relax and provide you with some entertainment at times of gatherings and parties. These games will make you feel energetic, fresh and most importantly, young. They will also act as a stress buster for and will help you bond well with your friends. So, are you game for such fun? If yes, then check out some ideas on group games for adults.
Fun & Easy Adult Group Games
The Alphabet Back Game
In this game, the participants haveto trace a letter on their partner’s back and have the latter guess the secret letter.The pair that correctly guesses the maximum number of letters wins the game. Check out the steps for playing this game.
  • Split all the members into pairs and ask one member from each group to come forward.
  • Secretly write down a letter on a piece of paper and show the letter to the member. He/she will have to memorize it.
  • Once you give the go signal, the member who has seen the letter will have to trace the letter on the back of his/her partner, by using his/her finger only.
  • If the partner figures out the letter, he/she should raise his/her hand and share the answer.
  • If the answer is correct the pair gains one point, if the answer is incorrect, the game continues until one pair guesses the letter correctly.
  • The group with most number of correct guesses wins the game.
The Build Tower Game
This is a creative group game, which is played with newspapers. Each of the teams has to build a tower using the newspapers. The team that is able to build the highest tower wins. For this, you will need stacks of newspaper, rolls of masking tape and a measuring tape. Check out the steps for playing this game.
  • Split the members into teams of five. Hand over a stack of newspaper and a roll of masking tape to each team.
  • Explain the rules and the purpose of the game to each team. Make sure to tell them the time limit as well.
  • After the said time is over, measure how high each team’s tower is. The team with the highest tower wins the game.
  • You can even get certain variations in the game, to keep away boredom. For example, instead of the highest tower you can ask the teams to make the strongest bridge.
The Egg Drop Game
This game involvesbrainstorming, for the purpose of making plans to protect the eggs from being smashed. The team with maximum number of unbroken eggs will be the winner. For this, you will need a carton of eggs, a bag of cotton, a newspaper, a roll of toilet paper, a plastic trash bag, a string and a tape. Check out the steps for playing this game.
  • Arrange everyone in a group of four. Give each team a couple of minutes to plan its strategy.
  • Evenly distribute all the materials in the groups, before the game starts. Give each team about 5 minutes to protect their eggs, using the given material.
  • Hand over the eggs to the tallest member of the team. Lay down the trash bag and ask the tallest member to lift all the eggs as high as possible and then let them go.
  • The team whose maximum number of eggs remains unbroken wins the game.

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