Are you bored of sitting at home this summer? Explore the various outdoor activities you can choose from to make the most of your summers.

Outdoor Summer Activities

The sweltering heat of the summers need not be a deterrent for engaging in some exciting outdoor activities and dumping the lethargy. Taking up a hobby outside the air-conditioned confines of your home not only helps you get rid of a sedentary lifestyle but also gives you some enriching experiences. A myriad of hobbies exist which can cater to everyone looking for something to do outdoors. From nature hikes and adventure sports to activities around your home, you can beat the heat by these stimulating recreations. There are a number of clubs and agencies, which can help you, plan out your outdoor activity for a great experience without burning a hole in your pocket. However, it is also important to take some necessary precautions against the harsh weather when outside. This article gives you information about the various outdoor activities you can choose from to make the most of your summers.
Summer Activities For Outdoors 

Nature Trips

Walking through wilderness lets you explore, the pristine beauty of nature, which never ceases to amaze. Completing a hiking trail also fills you with a sense of fulfillment. You can plan a hiking/trekking trip with few friends, which would be a welcome break from the daily grind of your work. The best places to visit in the summers would be the hills or the mountains, which would remain cool. You can contact a certified tour operator to plan your itinerary. 

Mountain biking is an adventure activity which not only lets you discover nature’s glorious sights and sounds but also challenges you physically and mentally. The advantage of a biking trip is that you can pace your journey as you like and explore as much as you want. There are many adventure clubs, which organize such biking trips. 

Camping is one activity, which brings us closer to nature like nothing else. From putting up your own tent to creating a bonfire for cooking, it makes us appreciate nature’s raw elements. Camping is an experience, which brings all the participants closer as they have to work as a team. For camping places and equipment, contact a certified adventure club. 

Wildlife Safaris/Bird Watching
For a wildlife enthusiast, nothing can be more fascinating than observing the animals in their natural habitats. Be it a jungle safari to spot the big cats or a hike through a bird sanctuary to watch the delightful winged creatures; the exultation of a rare sighting is unmatched. All major wildlife sanctuaries conduct regular safaris. 

Snorkeling/Scuba Diving/Surfing
The beach is a tempting destination during the summers where a cool dip in the sea is always welcome. There are a number of activities associated with the sea. If the waves or the breeze is good, one can learn surfing or windsurfing. There are many places around the world, which provide an opportunity to view the underwater life or the magnificent coral reefs by snorkeling or scuba diving. 

Adventure Sports

White Water Rafting 
White water rafting is a challenging adventure sport, which uses an inflatable raft to cross rapids in rough waters of a river. There are different degrees of rapids based on the difficulty level. For a beginner, there are many adventure clubs, which organize rafting tours where one can learn the basics and go on to higher levels.
Paragliding and parasailing are aerial adventure sports. In paragliding, the glider is free flying whereas, in parasailing, the parachute-like parasail is towed by a vehicle. These adventure sports are exhilarating as you get to have an aerial view of the world while feeling the wind in your face. Paragliding requires significantly more training as the glider is unattached and free flying. However, for beginners, the clubs offer sailing/gliding in ‘tandem’ where an expert pilots the glider while the learner is a passenger. 

Mountain Expeditions/Rock Climbing
For those who have a love for the mountains and the higher summits, joining a mountaineering school for a short-term course, which includes an expedition, is just the thing they would be looking for. These schools teach all the necessary skills required for a mountain expedition and also give training in rock climbing. 

Activities Closer Home 

Summers are the perfect time to take a dip in the water. If you have pool close to your home, you can join it and hit the pool whenever it gets too hot. Not only does it keep you cool but swimming is an exercise for the entire body. 

Summer gardening is a skill in itself. The high temperatures and decreased humidity mean you have to water your plants more often and preferably in the cooler times of the day like early morning and after sunset. This also means you can enjoy gardening when the sun is not beating down. Find out more about summer flowering plants and other tips and you can have a beautiful green garden in the middle of the summer heat. 

Sports Under Lights
A number of outdoor sports these days are played under floodlights. For example, lawn tennis, soccer, cricket etc. You can find clubs and stadiums, which provide this facility and learn or play the sport of your choice. 

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