Birthday cards uphold an unusual charm, especially with the apt sayings quoted therein. Here is a list of some ‘Happy Birthday’ greeting card sayings.

Birthday Card Sayings

Birthday is a special occasion in one’s life, as it is day of one’s birth. On such an important occasion, nothing can surpass the charisma of being gifted a card. Undoubtedly, among plethora of gifts items meant to make one’s birthday special, it is a card that always top the charts. The idea of getting a card gains more importance, when it holds the right blend of emotions and words. Cards enclose the very essence of wishes, conveying the warmth of a person’s feelings in the most apt way. However, sometimes it comes quite difficult to find right words to express the content of one’s hearts. Are you also facing the same problem? If yes, then here is a list of some meaningful birthday card sayings for you, which will definitely help you endow a deep meaning to a birthday card.
Happy Birthday Greeting Card Sayings
Because today's so special
It really wouldn't do,
To send one simple birthday wish
To last the whole year through...
So this wishes happy moments,
A day when dreams come true,
And a year that's filled with all the things
That mean the most to you.
- Anonymous
You’re always very special
And you should know today
That you are wished the nicest things
That life can bring your way
Like warm and loving wishes
And happiness and cheer
And everything you need to start
Another happy year
- Anonymous
Because you’re very special
Hope your Birthday holds in store
Happy hours that overflow
With all you’re wishing for,
And hope the days that follow it
Make up a year that brings
Everything that you deserve
A million happy things.
- Anonymous
These Birthday greetings are wished
Most affectionately your way
For someone who’s very nice
Deserves an extra special day,
So here’s wishing every happiness
Today, especially for you,
With lots of your favourite things
In the year ahead too!
Happy Birthday
- Anonymous
Here’s a Birthday greeting
Especially to show
How much you mean
Although you surely must know
That without a doubt
There’s no-one nicer than you
Or anyone dearer
To wish Happy Birthday to
- Anonymous
Hope all that you do
Turns out happy for you
And all that you wish
Comes your way,
So each hour will bring
Every wonderful thing
You could ask of a wonderful day
- Anonymous
Because you are so dear to me,
I want you to see that I have you right in my mind and heart...
Just look at this card I made you.
It's so overflowing with invisible loving wishes,
One for each day of the year ahead!
- Anonymous
Happy birthday for today,
You’re kind and clever I must say.
With moments worth a million hugs,
Talks, with coffee in those mugs.
Your heart and values seem so right,
We share our views without a fight.
Our memories live with eyes so true,
Adventures grow in a life’s canoe.
I wish you more than words can say,
That you will never, cease to play.
Happy birthday for today,
I’m here for you, on this special day.
- Anonymous

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