Polymer clay beads look stylish yet beautiful, making an ideal gift for friends. Read on to find different ways on how to make polymer clay beads.

How To Make Polymer Clay Beads

Polymer clay is a material based on the polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that is used in sculptures, but is not associated with clay minerals. It is widely used in craft by children and artists, for its texture and working properties that resemble clay. The beads made from the material are further used to make different and unique things, like wrist bands, anklets, necklace, pendants, show pieces, etc. The list can go and on, depending on your creativity. You can gift such items to your friend on his/her birthday or win applauds by doing a craftwork like this in school. The process of making polymer clay beads is the first step to the creativity, which will need a little practice and time. With some effort, you will easily be able to make your beads a part of the popular culture. So, go through this article and learn how to make polymer clay beads on your own.
Ways Of Making Polymer Clay Beads
Method 1
  • Toothpick
  • Polymer Clay
  • Oven
  • Cookie Sheet or Pie Can 
  • Purchase polymer clay in the color of your choice, from the local craft store, the amount depending on the project you have in mind.
  • Take a small amount of clay and soften it with the warmth of your hand. The packed clay is normally stiff and needs to be made workable for the further process.
  • Depending on the project you are working in, like making necklace, bracelet, pendants, or show piece, choose the size of beads and take the required amount of polymer in your hand, to roll it.
  • You can even mix two colors in strips and roll them out, until they become soft. Make beads as per your requirement.
  • Now, make a hole in the beads using toothpick, to allow wire or thread pass through it.
  • Lay the beads on the pie sheet or cookie tin and bake them at temperature mentioned on the polymer pack.
  • When they have hardened up, allow them to cool down. Your polymer clay beads are ready. Use them as per your wish.
Method 2
  • Tissue Blade
  • Pre-made Cane
  • Wax Paper
  • Wood Beads
  • Knitting Needle or Stylus
  • Liquid Polymer Clay 
  • The soft polymer can pick the dust around, so always lay them on wax paper and keep every thing you need within your hand’s reach.
  • Take a pre-made cane and start slicing it from one end. Make sure that it is not very thin and try making it even in thickness.
  • Now, pick a wood bead and cover it with the pre-made cane, using liquid polymer clay. Gently press the edge of the slice, so that it blends well with the bead’s spherical form.
  • Be comfortable with the visibility of the bead and don’t overdo it by overlapping, as the left places will help in the next process.
  • Set the bead, with the visible wood part, on the wax paper and gently press it.
  • Now, gently roll it in a way that the cane covers the bead wholly, with no visibility of the wood part. Repeat the process with every bead.
  • Use a knitting needle to even the edges of the hole that might have been covered with the clay.
  • Read the directions given on the pack to bake the polymer clay beads and undergo the same.
  • Allow the beads to cool down and then soften them, using fine grit sandpaper.
  • Your polymer clay beads are ready. Use them as per your wish.

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