Let your child enjoy his/her snack time and get rid of all the worries related to their health by introducing them to healthy snacks. Check out some healthy snacks for teens.

Healthy Snacks For Teenagers

Teenagers, who are today leading a more sedentary life than ever before, are prone to a number of diseases and require a shift in lifestyle to lead a healthier life. We all know that teenagers are fussy when it comes to eating. They prefer burgers, chips, pizzas and cookies apart from green veggies, healthy cereals and other minerals. This makes it difficult for the parents to help their little brats to meet the daily requirement of proteins, nutrients, calcium, vitamins and other minerals. This article provides an end to all the worries of parents related to the health of their children. If your child loves to munch on snacks, encourage them to have more and more of them, the only difference being that you should encourage them to consume proven healthy snacks and not the snacks full of calories and fatty contents. Here are few health friendly snacks that can be included in the daily routine of your teens to help them stay fit and healthy.
Healthy Snacks For Teens 
  • Sliced and washed fruits are the best snacks that any parent can provide to their kids. Slice up mangoes, apples, pears, kiwi, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, cherries and other seasonal fruits and pack it for your kid to enjoy in between their busy, energetic day. You can pack these fruits in disposable containers which your kids can throw after use.
  • Crackers, peanut butters and jelly can also prove out to be a healthy snack for your teenagers. Peanut butter and crackers will fill up the stomach in a healthy way and jelly can be used to sweeten the pot and make it taste good and not dry.
  • String cheese can also be used as a healthy intake for your kids. String cheese usually comes pre-packaged in individual servings, making it easier for you to decide the quantity to be given to your kids at a time. String cheese is a good source of calcium and will therefore take care of any calcium deficiency in your kid.
  • Plain popcorn without butter and salted varieties are an excellent option when it comes to the health of your teenager. Popcorns are fun to eat and are also liked by most of the kids. Encourage your kids to have plain popcorn which will serve as an energy booster and will keep your kids going through their busy schedule.
  • Veggies are generally hated by all kids. But if made a bit presentable with little bit of creativity, nothing can substitute the health benefits that any vegetable will provide. Research has proven the fact that kids like veggies if they can eat them with their hands. Therefore, baby carrots, sliced cucumbers and grape tomatoes can all prove out to be yummy health snacks for your teenager. You can even add a small container of low-fat dip to make your kids want more.
  • Children love to have cookies, especially the chocolate ones which are full of fats and calories. You can make your child shift to a healthy substitute for cookies, such as whole grain cookies which are full of fiber.
  • Worried about your kid’s nutritional requirements? Yogurt can prove to be your savior. Yogurt is a good source of nutrition and can meet the daily requirements of your child. It comes in individual containers and is also available in different flavors.
  • Bologna and cheese wraps can also be converted to fun to eat healthy snacks for your kids. Take two pieces of bologna and place a slice of cheese on each. Roll each pair into a wrap to give your kids two quick healthy intake.
  • Granola bars are easy to carry especially when your teenager is going for a trip. Granola requires no refrigeration and can be carried along to feed in low fat variety healthy diet for your kids.
  • Roasted nuts are another great source of protein and other nutrients. You can choose almonds, walnuts or whatever strikes your child’s taste and pack it for them to provide them with a healthy day.
  • Almonds and raisins can also be chosen as a health provider for your kids. Almonds and raisins are full of essential vitamins and minerals and also provide great anti-aging benefits. These are also a good source of fibers and healthy fats.
  • All natural peanut butter and apple is also a healthy substitute for other snacks. All natural peanut butter without any sugar ingredients and preservatives is very good for health. An apple will provide your kid with all the sweetness you need.
  • English muffin pizza along with pasta sauce, melted mozzarella cheese and your kid’s favorite vegetable will prepare a health booster. This requires some work on your part, but if you want to provide a healthy living to your child, the efforts are worth it.
  • Mediterranean pocket sandwich can be prepared with whole wheat pita bread with hummus, paprika and cucumber slices to make a nutritious snack substitute for your teenager.

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