Have you ever used a word to describe the sound or action that you witnessed? This article will tell you what onomatopoeia is and also present you with some examples of it.

Onomatopoeia Examples

“The wind was screeching so loudly that we literally had to shout to be heard”. This sentence is an example of how words are used to describe sounds and actions. Onomatopoeias are used when you need to describe a sound or action using a word that refers directly to the description of the sound or action. We all remember the old batman series. Every time batman and robin got into a fight, words like biff, bam, splat, wham and pow would be used to describe the effect of the punches thrown by batman and robin. Similar words are used to describe various sounds in comic books too. These words are the best examples of onomatopoeia. Not all onomatopoeic words can be found in dictionaries since there may be times when we make up a word that best suits the situations, sound or action that we need to describe. Some common examples of onomatopoeias have been listed below.
Examples Of Onomatopoeia
  • She finds the hiss of a snake very unnerving
  • The cat purred with contentment as I stroked it.
  • The dog let out a low throaty growl as we approached it.
  • The eagle swooped down and caught its prey.
  • The clanging of the church bell meant that the service had begun.
  • That guy sounds like he is squeaking when he talks.
  • He was so angry that we had to struggle to get him to chill out.
  • There were so many bees in the area that their buzzing could be heard even at a distance of 50 meters.
  • I just love clicking photographs of people in a park.
  • The bullock cart looked old and rickety.
  • The moment his watch started beeping, we knew the alarm had gone off.
  • The wrestlers were grunting like pigs.
  • The sizzling steak looked very appetizing indeed.
  • The dog was so happy to see us that we could hear his tail thumping against the walls of the cage.
  • The sound a clock makes can only be described as ‘tick tock’.
  • “Tsk tsk. That was the wrong answer.”
  • The chirping of birds early in the morning is always a pleasant sound.
  • The sound of a plucked string on the guitar sounded like a twang.
  • Potato chips are no fun if they are not crunchy.
  • There is nothing is better than going home and plopping down in your favorite sofa after a long day at the office.
  • The crackling fire was the only sound that could be heard in the dead of the night.
  • I stood perfectly still as the ball zipped past me.
  • The fight was so intense that they almost trashed the bar.
  • The sound of the gun being fired was a sharp crack rather than a loud bang.
  • All the glamour in today’s music videos is meant to add more oomph to the songs.

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