The first impression is often believed to be the last impression. So read up for some tips & ideas on designing an unforgettable, dynamic business card to impress your clients.

How To Design A Business Card

Business cards are an essential marketing tool for an individual’s or a company’s services. It is the first impression a client has about your company. It creates an almost instant physical connection and bond between you and your clients. There are many business cards that are boring and an utter pain to look at, which is why all the money, time and effort spent on them goes in vain. The design and message will determine whether it will be trashed or kept in the “contact later” folder! It defines your etiquette and personal style. People might forget your name or face but they will always remember your business card, if it’s worth remembering. So creativity and individuality are some of the main aspects to focus on while creating your unique business card. It is not necessary to have a degree in arts or graphic designing to make an outstanding one. With today’s advanced technology, it is not necessary to have a card that is even made out of paper. It can be real or virtual. Continue reading this article to make a one of a kind business card that doesn’t cost you a fortune.
Tips On Designing A Business Card
  • Eco friendly business cards are biodegradable and hence eminently distinct from ordinary business cards. You can also use vegetable ink made from soya bean oil or corn oil for printing. It will look like ordinary ink and is available in different colors. The only difference will be that the vegetable inks take longer to dry. By making eco friendly business cards you can prove that you care about Mother Nature and are not self-centered. This will definitely leave an ever-lasting impression on your clients.
  • The other types of eco friendly business cards are the ones which have pictures or messages of nature like the sun, flowers, birds or plants featured on them, prominently or subtly. You can also spread environmental awareness with messages like “Stop pollution” or “Save water” on the back of the card and at the front it can have all the other important details.
  • If you are not interested in making your card look different, then you can make it feel different. You can use materials like metal, leather or wood with different shapes, sizes, edges, embossing and textures. These kinds of cards are obviously more expensive than regular paper cards but if you think your business is worth it and if you can afford it, then why not?
  • Regular paper is good enough if you think that your design itself will convey your message and impress your clients.
  • You can also make multi-purpose cards to stand out. These types of cards can include discounts, surveys, appointment reminders, a map to your office or if you work for a food company, then your favorite recipe — all on the back of the card!
  • If you want to think out of the box, then make you card virtual — through sms, mobile, web, e-mail, i-phone or social networking sites. This is a good option because there are chances of misplacing or losing business cards made out of paper or other real material.
  • You can also make magnetic business cards if you are providing people with services they may need at any time of the day, or sometimes even at night, such as pest control, repairs, veterinarians, realtors, home food delivery, insurance, beauty salons, or daycare centers for your baby. You can either stick magnets onto them or buy magnetized business cards at your local supply store and have them personalized by a professional magnetic business card printer. Your clients can stick these cards onto any metal surface, making them one of the most adaptable marketing tools available.
  • You can also add either your own or any other famous cartoon or fictional character on your business card if your work is related to the entertainment industry. You can also put a sticker or an inspirational quote to give it a thoughtful or playful touch to it.
  • Brilliant color combinations can leave a deep impact on your clients. Try not to use the same black and white combination that people have been using since generations. Experiment with new colors. But also make sure the colors are soothing to the eyes.
  • If you have international clients you can have your business cards printed in different languages, as well!
  • Many business cards are horizontal, so make yours vertical and see how it stands out!

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