Homemade cards are a great way to show your loved ones that you care. In this article, we have listed ideas to help you know how to make homemade greeting cards.

Homemade Card Ideas

Cards are so popular and ubiquitous in the present times that, to a certain extent, they have lost their meaning. However, homemade cards are a different breed altogether. Since making them requires time and labor, these cards are treated in a different league. People recognize the ‘efforts’ involved in homemade cards and value them as well. These cards are a great way to unleash one’s creativity - the more detailed and wacky the design, the more appealing the card would be. No wonder, making cards has become such a popular and engrossing hobby. Another good way to please others with your card is to use recycled paper, as being eco-friendly is the buzzword nowadays. In case you are looking for some homemade card ideas, check out the lines that follow.
How To Make Homemade Greeting Cards
The common tools for making cards are glue, paper (in different shapes), glitter pens, photos etc. Focus on the design according to how you want your card to turn out. Enliven the card with punches, stickers and ribbons. Instead of the traditional rectangle, you can also experiment with various shapes, like a half circle.
Cut out various shapes in a variety of colors, like stars, clouds, and squares, and glue to the background. If you want frayed edges for your card, cut the background a little wide and move a scissor on it, in a random pattern.
Put a single image on the front and highlight it with quotes or colorful shapes. Select an image that balances your message inside.
Use marker or glitter to write your messages. You can also use calligraphy. Don’t write your message in a straightforward way, instead break it down, like a sentence here, another word hiding behind an image or forming steps with words.
Homemade Card Ideas
General Card
  • Take a colored chart paper and draw shapes and quotes on it.
  • Now, cut the shapes and the letters.
  • Take a different colored chart paper and fold it in half, horizontally.
  • Glue the quotes on the front and attach any photos or picture to match them. Also, paste in the shapes.
  • Punch a hole in the top corner of the card and insert a red ribbon.
  • Tie it into a bow.
  • Once the glue dries off, write your message inside the flap, with a marker or a glitter pen. 
Christmas Card
  • Draw the outline of a Christmas tree on a chart paper. You can also trace the image on it.
  • Place a ruler exactly on the centre of the tree and fold the card.
  • With a paper clip, score the tree outline.
  • Select a definite size and cut the outline of the card.
  • Fold the card in half, with the outline of the tree on the outside.
  • Give half cuts along the spine, so that it looks like notches. The cuts should be such that if you unfold the card and push the notch with your fingers, it opens up like a tent from the inside.
  • Make atleast five to six such notches and segments.
  • Cut another chart paper of the same size as the previous one and fold it in the middle. Using a paper pin, score the middle.
  • Now, take the Christmas tree with the outline on the inside. Take the other card and glue it to the back of the Christmas tree card. Fold it tight.
  • On opening the card, the tree will pop up.

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