The options are unlimited when it comes to creating unique and creative Christmas cards at home. Browse through this article to find easy ideas for making homemade Christmas cards.

Ideas For Homemade Christmas Cards

With the festival around, thousands of Christmas cards are available online and in stores for purchase. With such enormous creativity and imagination, you are bound to get confused to pick the best amongst them all. However, if you possess the mind and creativeness, you can make your own Christmas card at home. Though it may not be as perfect as those displayed in the card stores, but it sure is gonna be unique and special for the recipient. Then, how about taking out some time and trouble to make a personalized homemade Christmas card which sure will receive more accolades than a commercially bought card? In the following lines, we have provided some ideas for homemade Christmas cards. Take a look and make your choice.
Easy Homemade Christmas Card Ideas
Christmas Wreath Card
Christmas wreaths are a favorite on the occasion. Then why not add it on your Christmas card for a perfect festive card. Get white card paper, red satin ribbon, red fabric wire, and shiny papers in red, maroon, silver, green and cream colors. Fold the card and cut to your desired Christmas card size. Using a craft paper punch, punch circles in varying sizes from all shiny papers. Draw a large circle on the card to cover the maximum area possible. Draw another circle inside the larger one such that there is at least 1½ inches gap between the two. Fill the gap by sticking the punched circles, overlapping them one over the other. Tie a knot to the red satin ribbon to get two loops. Secure the loop using red fabric wire. Stick the loop on the top of the card in the center. Pen down your lovely thoughts inside the card and your Christmas card is ready to be gifted.
Christmas Tree Card
Take a white card paper and fold it in half to form a card. Draw a large Christmas tree on green felt and cut it out. Take a metallic red ribbon, not more than one inch wide. Tie the ribbon vertically to the upper flap of the card at the top left corner. Tie two loops with the ribbon. Glue the felt Christmas tree cut out in the remaining space on the card. Cut star and crescent moon shapes from glittery paper. Stick these cutouts on the tree. Also, cut out balls from red or maroon felt and glue them on the tree. Time for writing down some cute and festive Christmas greetings inside!
Photo Christmas Card
Make a Christmas card with a personalized touch. Take out a photograph of the person to whom you would be sending or giving the card. If possible, get a snap which has both the sender and receiver in it. For a more special look, pick up a childhood photograph. Take a white card paper and fold in half to make a card. The card should have enough space to hold the photograph, preferably 2 inches larger than the snap. Place the photograph in the center of the card and border it with a pencil. Set aside the photograph. Decorate the remaining space using glitter and paints. Draw small white snowmen on it with a blue background. Glue the photograph on the card. To this, you can use your creativity to make a more shimmering and shaded card to give a frame effect to the snap.

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