A festival of lights, Christmas comes in with lots of games, handmade crafts, decorations, recipes and gifts. Explore this article to know various homemade craft ideas for Christmas.

Handmade Christmas Crafts

Christmas is the festival of merriment, celebrated by millions of people across the world every year. It comes in with a lot of gifting, greeting cards, Christmas trees, lights, garlands, nativity scenes and special meals. Decorations take the center stage of the festival and start as early as in October. And what better way than to make handmade Christmas crafts as decorations. You can even give them as Christmas gifts. So, fold up your sleeves and get into originality, by making some Christmas crafts at home and letting your guests have a surprise. Make some innovative crafts yourself, while keeping those ready-made ornaments at bay. Below are some ideas for making different handmade crafts for Christmas. Go through them and take your pick!
Homemade Craft Ideas For Christmas
Wire Ornament Holder
Collect your favorite ornaments. Trim the boughs of a whimsical art piece and hang it inside the frame. Top it with a Christmas bow. This ornament will form the centrepiece of attraction.
Photo Frame
Paste photographs on hard card stocks and trim them into various ornament shapes. They will make good whimsical decorations for the tabletops or mantels.
Great Tidings
Use papier-mâché to create some letters to display a Christmas greeting or your family name. Place them on a window sill or mantel and get your guests spellbound.
Sweet Treats
Sandwich a poster-board circle between two decorated felt circles and sew them together, with a blanket stitch. Cut a piece of dowel to form the stick and insert it in the bottom of the lollipop. Glue a ribbon bow to the dowel and place these tasty felt lollipops in a vase filled with marshmallows. 
Pretty Packages
Take a block of florist’s foam and cover it with button mums. Through the centre of each flower, stick a pearl-head pin to secure the flower to the foam. To finish it, tie a red velvet ribbon around the gift or simply glue it to the top.
Tied in a Bow
Remove your colorful pillows or buy some new pillows in holiday colors. Wrap them in colorful ribbons, to make them look like Christmas packages.
Quick Change
Take out all your plain white dishes. Punch some snowflakes in different colors and hot glue them to the dishes. After the holidays, the pieces can be easily removed.
Holy-and-Ivy Kissing Ball
Cut a long piece of ribbon and glue it to the top of a foam ball. Cut different lengths of holy and ivy. Pin them up to the foam ball, using U-shape pins. Tie an eight-loop bow out of the ribbon and trail the ends of the remaining bow through the decorated ball, pinning it firmly in place. Use this ball to put up in the hanger.
Cute-as-a-Button Wreath
Get all white buttons from your store and sew them onto a fabric to form a wreath. Frame this wreath and tie a bow on the top.
Buttoned Up
Take a wooden frame and hot glue a layer of buttons onto it. Spray paint the frame in gold. Add another layer of ornate buttons. Alternately, you can decoupage the frame with lots of scraps of holiday paper. Finish it off with a spray-on acrylic sealer.

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