Making your own pop up cards can be a very creative art exercise and you can gift them to your friends and loved ones on special occasions. Read on to know how to make pop up cards.

How To Make Pop Up Cards

Pop up cards look wonderful and very creative. They are pretty simple and easy to make, irrespective of the complicated appearance they have. The best part is that pop up cards are a good option at any occasion, more so for birthdays. Children love to receive pop up cards and if you can make one on your own, you can proudly gift it to your friends as well. Making your own pop up cards also opens the option of choosing the type of decorations for the card, according to your likes and preferences. Below given is the whole procedure on how to make pop up cards. Read on and make these amazing cards for your friends.
Making Pop Up Cards
  • Construction Paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers 
  • Keep two pieces of construction paper on each other’s top. Fold the papers in half, taking care that the edges match and the short sides are folded together.
  • The first piece of construction paper will make the outside of your pop up card and the second layer will make for the inside of the card. Set aside the outside/front layer of the card.
  • Place the inside card layer, with the folded edge to the left, on the work area. From the centre mark of the folded edge, measure 2 inches up and 2 inches down, along the folded edge.   
  • Draw a line at a right angle to the folded edge of the card later, at each mark. Each line should be 2 inches long. Cut both the lines.
  • Now, open the card layer to see the inside of the pop up card. Gently slide your finger into each cut. Push the section of the construction paper, which lies between the two cuts, to an upward direction. This will serve as the pop up base for your card.
  • Refold the pop up base of the card layer, so that it folds towards the right, or inside. Close the card layer, keeping the folded edge to your left and the folded pop up base to your right. This will make the pop up base look like a stair-step inside the card.
  • Make a drawing on a separate construction paper and cut it out. Fold the drawing in half (vertically). The drawing will be folded along the folded edge of the pop up base, when your card is closed.  Place the drawing on the pop up base of the card and close the card layer.
  • Open the card layer to make sure the pop ups are opening to your satisfaction. If the edges of the drawing stick out, make a smaller drawing, which fits well inside the card layer
  • Glue the drawing on to the pop up base. Check by opening and closing the card.
  • Now, place the front layer of the card (set aside in the beginning), with the folded edge to the left, in front of you. Draw on, or decorate the front layer of the card, as your like.
  • Open the front card layer, and place the inner card layer that you had earlier prepared, on its top. Match the edges of both the layers.  
  • Glue the layers together. Take care that the glue doesn’t travel to the pop-up section. Leave the card open until the glue dries.

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